Fury or Canelo ?: Barrera and Morales define who is the best Libra for Libra

¿Fury o Canelo?: Barrera y Morales definen quién es el mejor Libra por Libra

After the triumph of Tyson fury upon Deontay Wilder in the third fight, Marco Antonio Barrera and Erik “Terrible” Morales they defined who is, for them, the best boxer Pound for pound of the moment.

On your podcast One More Round, both Mexican boxing legends gave their arguments to define the best Pound for pound.

For Erik morales, The best is Tyson fury

“I think that after the performance he gave last Saturday night, Tyson fury may be the best Libra for Libra ”, he asserted Morales. “I would put it in place one.”

The security with which Morales gave his point of view, surprised even to Marco Antonio Barrera, who simply replied, “Really?”

AND Morales He reinforced his answer, and gave his arguments.

“One, because they are really exciting fights for people,” he explained. Morales. “Two, because he faced a great knockout, withering, who had won every fight by knockout. Three, because he got off the mat to win the fight. And four, because at the end of the day, he is the king of pesos. He is the one who dominates the heavyweights, although he is only champion of the CMB, does not have OMB, AMB and FIB. Those he has Usyk “.

The Terrible think that Fury should be no lower than place two in the rankings Pound for Pound.

“So for me, today, and without disrespecting anyone, he is a great champion and I would place him (a Tyson Fury) in one, or two, perhaps, but not lower than there, “he said. Morales.

Erik Morales and Marco Antonio Barrera

For Barrera, the best Pound for Pound is Canelo

Marco Antonio Barrera think the best Pound for pound is he Canelo, because he is about to unify all the belts at 168 pounds.

Nevertheless, Barrier recognizes that the triumph of Fury upon Wilder must propel the English champion to second place in the rankings.

“I would put it (a Tyson fury) in two ”, he pointed out Barrier. “I think it’s currently lower, at 6, 7, 8. So, I would put it more steps up, I would put it at number two, behind Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez. I think Saul It comes, soon, to be crowned by (the title) of an organism that does not have it, but it would be necessary to wait for it to make those movements. Of win, Saúl “Canelo” ÁlvarezAs planned, I think it would remain number one ”.

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