“Today Wilder would give Fury a big hug,” says Deontay’s manager.

“Hoy Wilder le daría un gran abrazo a Fury”, asegura manejador de Deontay

Shelly Finkel, co-manager of Deontay WilderHe assured that today, five days after last Saturday’s fight, Deontay yes he would give his rival a hug Tyson fury, leaving behind the controversy that occurred at the end of the fight, where the American did not want to shake hands with the British.

“He (Wilder) and I have talked about it, and he does respect Fury“, said Finkel in an interview for the English newspaper The Sun. “I think his mind wasn’t really there at the time, I think it was. Deontay see today Fury, I would give him a big hug ”.

Deontay Wilder, who has returned to his home in Alabama, is already calmer and assimilating everything that happened before, during and after the fight, according to his manager Finkel.

“He is recovering well,” he reports. Finkel. “He gives all the credit to Fury for performing the way he did, ”he argued.

Finkel acknowledges Tyson Fury’s victory

Finkel He said he agreed that the best man in the ring won the fight fairly.

“It was a fair result, Fury he fought the right fight, “he acknowledged Finkel. “The count was a bit long when Fury He went to the canvas, but it doesn’t matter, the fight was what it was and Fury deserves all the credit ”.

In the same way, he highlighted the versatility that he showed Gypsy king above the ring, and how chivalrous the shovel went to the terminal.

“The man is a great, very powerful and very versatile,” he said. Finkel. “And with me he has always been a gentleman,” he explained.

Finkel recalls the key moment in the fight between Fury vs Wilder

Shelly Finkel He also remembered what for him was the key moment of the fight, where the balance went to the side of Tyson fury And not from Deontay Wilder.

“Early in the fight, probably around the third round, when they hit DeontayThey hit him on the ear and that made him lose his balance, ”he said. “And I was looking and I was like, ‘What happened to his legs?’ Because he trained very hard ”.

In the same way, he spoke about the operation that the boxer will have to perform on his right hand.

“He too, at some point in the middle rounds he broke his right hand behind the third knuckle,” he explained. Finkel. “He has to fix it (with surgery) next week.”

Finally, Wilder recognized Tyson Fury on social media

On Thursday afternoon, five days after the fight in which he was defeated in front of Tyson fury, Deontay Wilder posted a message on his account Instagram, where he congratulated the English fighter.

After talking about what he went through on Saturday, Wilder had a message of congratulations, thanks, and appreciation for Tyson fury.

“Last but not least, I want to congratulate Tyson fury for the victory and thank you for the historical memories that will live forever “, he closed Wilder.

Finally, Wilder did not shake hands with Fury on the ring, but he did give it to him on social networks.

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