Tom Brady’s Privileged Memory Makes Buccaneers Visit to Eagles Special

Tom Brady's Privileged Memory Makes Buccaneers Visit to Eagles Special

The Tampa Bay star quarterback’s last loss in a Super Bowl came to Philadelphia, despite his best statistical performance in his 10 appearances in the iconic game.

The play seemed like the perfect call at the perfect time. The setting couldn’t be better: the Super Bowl LII.

With just over 12 minutes to play in the first half, the New England Patriots they sent a trick play against the Philadelphia Eagles in which Tom brady handed the ovoid to the runner James white, who appeared to be heading to attack the left side of the line of scrimmage before passing it to Danny Amendola, crossing from left to right in what appeared to be a reversible play. In the meantime, Brady He left en route to pass to the right side, towards where Amendola he placed a float ball that hit the historic quarterback’s hands, alone, before falling to the ground.

That was the last time Brady lost a Super Bowl., and since then, two more rings have been added.

Of course, the setting is completely different, as are the vast majority of the protagonists. To get started, Brady no longer play with Patriots, and comes from leading the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to his second victory of Super bowl. Phillymeanwhile, he is coming off a season of misery in which he placed fourth in the worst division of the NFL. Neither of the two quarterbacks of that magical campaign –Carson wentz and Nick foles– He is more with the team, and neither is the head coach Doug pederson. Now the Eagles are led by Nick sirianni.

However, if there is one thing that Brady has made it clear in all his years in the NFL, is that he does not let go of things easily. For this reason, he appeared in an Under Armor commercial with No. 199, the turn he was chosen in the draft, all those years ago, and because of this, he uses each of his past losses as fuel for the present.

Brady will never forget the defeat in the Super Bowl LII, his best statistical performance in his 10 appearances in the iconic match of the NFL. You will not forget that just a few minutes after your dropped pass, the Eagles they sent a similar trick play in the same second period, “The Philly Special“, scoring a memorable touchdown just before the halftime break. Of course, Brady knows that Eagles they already tried to replicate “The Philly Special“in the current season, in Week 2 against the San Francisco 49ers, unsuccessfully.

The Buccaneers they reach their commitment in Philadelphia in a considerably better situation, and as current favorites at the bookmakers to win the Super Bowl LVI next February. The Eagles, for their part, think of inheriting the basement of the NFC East to the New York Giants or Washington Football Team, and find a definitive answer to the most difficult question to answer in the NFL: Do you have a quarterback?

There is no great link between Tampa bay and that champion team Philadelphia of the Super Bowl LII, outside Brady and the tight end of the Bucs, Rob gronkowski, who will not play the game due to injury. The Bucs will go out to win the match to stay within the elite of the NFC, and Philly he will seek to defend himself at all costs so as not to lag too far behind.

But for the quarterback of Tampa bay the thing is different. Even a Thursday night game of Week 6 of the regular season – on paper, very accessible – has a capital meaning when, like Brady, the memory preserves the defeats so well.

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