Urías is sure that he has the support of the “countrymen” for the decisive game against the Giants.

Urías is sure that he has the support of the "countrymen" for the decisive game against the Giants.

The Dodgers will play a game to kill or die against the Giants and the person in charge of pitching for the Los Angeles team will be Julio Urías, who feels the support of the Mexican people for such an important duel

Los Angeles Dodgers Aztec pitcher Julio Urías is sure that he will have the support of all Mexican fans for the decisive game against the San Francisco Giants to define who will advance to the National League Championship Series.

Facing the fifth and last game of the Divisional Series, Urías, who will be the starter of the Dodgers, indicated at a press conference that the encouragement of the “countrymen” helps him to strengthen his confidence and give himself to the maximum in front of the San squad. Francisco.

“I know I have all the support of Mexico and my countrymen. Let’s hope everything goes well and give a good show for all the fans. Adrenaline and thinking change. But it is one more game to go out and do what we know how to do, no try to do more or less. I have a good support behind me and we leave confident tomorrow, “he said.

Julio said that he will remain faithful to the strategy he used during the Major League Baseball regular season and that allowed him to position himself as one of the best pitchers in American baseball.

“The whole year I was attacking hitters it was part of my good year and I think that is not going to change. Attacking them and trying to throw them off balance is going to be my game. You have to give 100 percent and it is obviously kill or be killed. Win or go to your house so we are both in the same position. Just focus on giving the maximum like the whole year, “he said.

For its part, The President of Mexico Andrés Manuel López Obrador wished Julio Urías luck during his morning press conference and revealed that the Mexican’s performance will continue.

“I am going to be aware of today’s game, which is very important. I wish Julio Urías the best because he deserves to do well. He knows how, he comes from below, his father trained him very well, who was the one who trained him and he is a good, noble people ”, said the president.

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