World Cup vs. Super Bowl: Similarities and differences between the two great sporting events

World Cup vs.  Super Bowl: Similarities and differences between the two great sporting events

The president of the FIFA, Gianni Infantino, defended his proposal to celebrate the world Cup every two years and even noted that the event would maintain its high quality as well as a Super bowl, an event that takes place year after year.

“The Super Bowl is organized every year, why not have a World Cup every two years? The reputation of an event depends on its quality, not its frequency. Every year you have a Super Bowl, Wimbledon or the Champions League. and everyone is excited and waiting, “he said.

Faced with such a statement, ESPN Digital introduces you to the similarities between a world and the Super Bowl.



The Super bowl is the culmination of a competition in which 32 teams fight over five months to qualify for the Final Phase to win the Vince Lombardy Trophy, while a world Cup brings together the 32 best nations that in one month decide the champion who will reign the world for four years.


The NFL It is a domestic league that brings together teams from different cities in the United States and they play a regular season of 17 games before defining the teams that will fight for the title.

For his part, world has a Group Phase in which each team plays three games, so the squads are obliged to add certain points to be able to secure their place in the next round of the Eighth Finals, an instance to which the best 16 qualify and from that round are direct elimination commitments.


The players of the NFL they are completely dedicated to their team and do not participate internationally nor do they play other tournaments. On the other hand, the footballers who participate in the world Cup They are part of national clubs that compete in various championships throughout the season and even before the world They compete at confederation level with their respective national teams.


For most equipment in the NFL It represents a failure not to reach the last stages of the season with the possibility of fighting for a place in the Super bowl, an event that serves to crown the best of the campaign

On the other hand, reaching the world Cup It is a reward for many of the participants because it is a long process of elimination rounds and reaching the world means reaching the Final Phase of the tournament. Many nations feel that the real prize is participating in the greatest football party beyond winning the Cup, an award that most of the time is contested by high-level teams that have previously won the tournament.


The season of the NFL officially ends after the celebration of the Super bowl, and all the players enjoy a seven-month rest period that allows them to recover to the maximum physically, enjoy vacations with their families and many even take the opportunity to attend other sporting events.

In a different way, before a world, footballers have one or two weeks off after the end of the campaign with their clubs and after their participation in the world Cup They again receive two or three weeks of rest before starting the preseason work with their clubs.



The World Cup and Super Bowl they are two of the most important events on the planet. For example, the End of a world or a match of the Mexican National Team in said event, they catch the attention of even people who are not football fans, while the Super bowl it arouses the interest of those who are not followers of this sport throughout the season, mainly due to the show that is offered in the intermission starring highly recognized artists.


Due to the attention they attract from millions of fans around the world, the Super bowl and the world Cup they are excellent platforms for the most important brands to be promoted. For example, the last edition of Super bowl disputed by Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs was seen by 96.4 million viewers, according to the network CBS. It should be noted that a 30-second commercial ad during the Super Bowl LV it had a cost of 5.5 million dollars.

For its part, according to data published by the FIFA, the 2018 World Cup in Russia was seen by 3,572 million people, while the Final between France and Crocia It was watched by 1,120 million fans.


Being the most important events in their respective sport, the Super bowl and the world Cup They are the perfect settings for players who want to become great legends. For example, the career of Tom brady, considered by many like the best player in the history of the NFL, it would not be the same if he had not won seven Super Bowl rings, while the history of footballers such as Pelé, Diego Armando Maradona, Ronaldo, Zinedine Zidane, among others, it would not be what it is if they had not won the most important trophy in football.


The competitive level in the world and the Super bowl almost always aims to be the maximum expression of this sport, although sometimes it is not. For example, the Eurocup and the Champions League are events that often have a higher level than a world, although the latter presents its best versions passing the Group Phase.

Another point that the sport exposes in these events is that money is important to strengthen a squad and offer better tools to its players, however, money is not the only key to winning championships and even in many occasions the most humble teams. They are the ones who win the title and it is when the romantic part (of the one that comes from below) appeals to the epic to triumph.

In the 2020 season of the NFL, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers ranked 29th among the most valuable teams, according to Forbes. For its part, Croatia, finalist in Russia 2018, was out of the Top 10 of the most valuable selections of the fair.


Not every country can host a world Cup nor can any city host the Super bowl. For a nation or city to host a sporting event of this magnitude, it must meet high demands such as having modern buildings, a large capacity, as well as offering tourists important attractions and various transportation options.

According to the site The Economist, the finance minister of the emirate, Ali Shareef Al-Emadi, explained in 2017 that Taste would spend nearly $ 200 billion to host the world Cup of the next year.

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