Argentina and another night with my heart on the surface

Argentina and another night with my heart on the surface

It shows in the environment. There is a special atmosphere. An indisputable happiness. A feeling of superiority that can be called arrogance, but is actually more linked to the overflowing optimism of recent times.

The symbiosis between the Argentine National Team and its fans is at its best. The contagion is mutual. The champions of America send signals from inside the court and people push from outside. “I hope this communion with people lasts a long time“, declared Lionel Messi a few days ago after the show against Uruguay. And the romance continued, as expected, in the new 1-0 victory against Peru, at the Monumental Stadium, for the South American Qualifiers towards the Qatar 2022 World Cup. .

How do you explain so much fervor? There are a multiplicity of factors. The Sub 30 could shout champion with the blue and white for the first time, just three months ago. Because, gratitude with the team of Lionel Scaloni will be eternal. For the greatest it was the revenge after years of troubles, the joy for the consecration of the best in the world and the identification with a group of players who, in the words of their coach, “they will never leave us stranded”.

The social aspect is also undeniable. The return to a certain “normality” in a battle that has not ended yet, the need to vent in a complicated present, for some the return to the field after a year and a half, and for many others, the unprecedented possibility of seeing closely to idols.

The Monumental fell apart early, when Rodrigo De Paul, Leandro Paredes and Alejandro Gómez went out to tour the field. Songs for them to win? No not at all. The demand was “let the Papu dance.”

With a smile from ear to ear and an inflated chest, the “Give him champion” resounds. Taking off that backpack made the not-so-distant climate of nerves and tension disappear. Thus it is explained that as appropriate, although it does not always happen, there was respect for the rival. Applause for Tigre Gareca when the formations and applause for the Peruvian anthem were announced.

Gone are the memes and jokes for Ángel Di María, the hero of Maracana. The “Fideoooo, Fideoooo” is a late mime, but highly rewarding for a footballer who always left everything for the National Team. There is also love for the newer Drawings Martínez and Cuti Romero, who seem to have been representing the Mayor for years. And another oddity: after two minutes of play, “La Scaloneta” is shouted, as if it were a war song.

The commitment and solidarity of footballers are not just poses for Instagram photos. They are reflected in the field: De Paul does not stop putting and ends up exhausted. The fine Lo Celso has no problem throwing himself at his feet. Lautaro folds with rivals. And so it happens with everyone … The team does not despair, it knows what it is playing at. And the public knows it. The goal comes near the end of a first half in which there were no murmurs, anxiety or claims. Just encouragement and recognition.

Culminating moment of the night of the Monumental: penalty for Peru at 20 minutes of the complement. “Draw eats it”, people sing with the fresh memory of the definition from the 12 steps against Colombia in the Copa América. The ball hits the crossbar and goes outside. “Everything that can go wrong will go right” ends up being the current maximum in the Scaloni era, which has been undefeated in 25 games.

The consecration after 28 years did not extinguish the flame. Not even a new victory took the anger out of a genuine Leo Messi: “Hard match, difficult to play. Much wind, they all behind leaving few spaces. The referee whenever he directs us does the same, it seems that he does it on purpose. But hey, three important points that bring us closer to the goal“.

With his heart to the surface, Scaloni also opened up at a press conference: “The first thing I want to do is go home because I haven’t seen my family for a long time. I’m not going through a good family situation to be thinking about the World Cup. These months were very hard and I don’t want to know anything else. They were very difficult moments for me and my family and I am not here to think about the World Cup. I honestly don’t care at all”.

Behind the successes, the happiness, the optimism and the honeymoon with the fans, there is also fatigue from the bustle of matches and delicate situations such as the one experienced by the coach of a National Team that has plenty of hunger for glory.

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