Does it reappear? After almost three months of absence, a video of Chávez Jr appears on networks

Regreso de Julio César Chávez Jr.

After almost three months of absence from social networks, a new story appeared on the account of Instagram from Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. This, after the own Chavez father will inform that Julito and Omar they were in addiction rehab.

It is a video uploaded by Adams Boxing where do you see Chavez Jr jumping rope in a boxing gym. To the Junior He looks more robust physically, and without his hair dyed blonde as in the last images that were seen of him on social networks.

Therefore, it is not completely certain that the video is recent.

Absence in social networks, and rehabilitation?

The Jr He had not made any type of publication since he uploaded a video on July 6. In the words of his father, both he and his brother Omar They were in recovery, although later he clarified that it was a spiritual retreat.

“They are in recovery,” he said in an interview with Windowing. “They will be fine physically, mentally and spiritually because they are good, they are noble. Unfortunately sometimes they take the wrong path, they follow steps that they have already lived and I have already lived. I think my children are still on time and we have to give them another chance ”.

So much July What Omar lost on the billboard where his father made one last exhibition before Hector Camacho Jr., on June 19, at the Jalisco Stadium.

After the defeats, JC He said he preferred that his children hang up their gloves once and for all. Nevertheless, Chavez Jr. He replied that his defeat was the result of physical complications and that he planned to reach 100 fights.

“I want to reach 100 fights, it will be very difficult, I will have to fight several times,” he said to Fine Boxing. “It is more until doing it for free, but I do not doubt that I will be able to do it.”

The Jr. he has lost three of his last five 2019 fights to date. He retired in the fifth round of his match against Daniel jacobs arguing that they fractured his nose and only defeated Jeyson minda and Evert Bravo.

His brightest years were between 2011 and 2012, when he won the middleweight championship of the CMB and made successful defenses against Peter Manfredo, Marco Antonio Rubio and Andy Lee, before being defeated by Sergio “Wonder” Martinez.

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