Gustavo Alfaro: “It was a very tough battle, very rough, very similar to the Knockouts”

Gustavo Alfaro: "It was a very tough battle, very rough, very similar to the Knockouts"

The selector of Ecuador, Gustavo Alfaro, assured this Thursday that the game that his team equaled 0-0 with Colombia in Barranquilla was “a very tough battle, very rough” that defines what the Playoffs South Americans to the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

“He had the controversies of the VAR sanctions; of a penalty that was later offside; of a play that ends up being annulled by hand, beyond the fact that the side in the previous one was for us (…) It was a very tough battle, very rough, very of the type of Eliminatory “, expressed the Argentine technician after the party.

The clash and the strong game set the pace of the match, in which the Peruvian referee had to appeal to the VAR to annul the late scoring of the coffee growers by a hand from defender Yerry Mina, in addition to a penalty that had already been called for La Tri in the second half for an out of place in the previous play.

On the other hand, Alfaro congratulated his leaders for the match in Barranquilla, in which they had the opportunity to take all three points but found a good performance from Colombian goalkeeper David Ospina.

“The attitude of the players was very good. They played this game as it had to be played (…) The truth is that I want to congratulate the players, who are the true architects of this battle that practically defines what a highly contested Eliminatory is, very spoken, very played, “he said.

He also stressed that his players “understand, are committed and are convinced of what they are doing” under his leadership, which, he considers, takes them “the way” of what he is looking for as a team.

“Fundamentally, the things we wanted to do were fulfilled: press them in the middle zone, try to control in the middle of the court, attack them behind Juanfer Quintero’s back, not rush to finish the plays and drop Moisés Caicedo vertically because there in that area, where they did not have the backward movement of the outsiders, we could get to generate that type of situation, “he explained.

Finally, he said that what they lacked was “precision in the final meters because they” had “the chances in the first half, fundamentally”.

“In the second half it cost us more, I think that the level of replacement in hierarchy and quality that Colombia has is higher than the amount that Ecuador can have and in a game that demanded a lot of physical wear (…) we lacked that intensity to be able to sustain it, although we do not feel subdued by Colombia at any time or dominated, “he said. EFE

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