How is the Brasileirao today? leader, hopefuls, classified to the cups and those who fight the relegation

How is the Brasileirao today?  leader, hopefuls, classified to the cups and those who fight the relegation

El Brasileirao, which from this October 16 will be able to live exclusively for the rest of South America by Star +, is the Brazilian first division tournament, one of the most prestigious in the world that is entering the definition stage. This is the situation before matchday 25.

How many dates are left until the end of the Brasileirao?

This weekend the date 27 will be disputed, so 12 days remain. However, most teams have fewer matches played, due to postponed due to international cups, Brazil Cup and FIFA dates.

Who is the leader?

Atlético Mineiro is the leader with 56 points in 25 games played. He owes his match against Gremio, which will be played on November 3.

What are your rivals in the title fight?

Flamengo is the escort, 11 units behind the leader. He has 45 points, but he has only 23 games played, that is, two less than Mineiro. Third is the surprise of the tournament, Fortaleza, without pending games and with 42 units. Then RB Bragantino appears, with 25 player matches and 41 points. Palmeiras and Corinthians (40 points with 25 and 26 played respectively) close the top 6.
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What key games do you have left to play?

Mineiro must still play, among others, against Flamengo (29th date), Corinthians (31st date), Palmeiras (35th), Bragantino (37th). In addition, the two meetings against Guild remain.
Meanwhile, Flamengo has the classic against Fluminense (28th), Mineiro (29th), Sao Paulo (32nd), Corinthians (33rd) and Internacional (34th).
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What teams fight for the classification to the cups?

Until today, the first six are qualifying the Libertadores: Mineiro, Flamengo, Fortaleza, RB Bragantino, Palmeiras and Corinthias. Meanwhile, those located between the 7th and 12th position will play the South American. Today they are International, Paranaense, Fluminense, Goianiense, América Mineiro and Cuiabá. Only one point behind is Sao Paulo, and with two units less Ceará.
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What teams fight not to be relegated?

Chapecoense is in last place, with 13 units. Today, he is 15 from salvation. Penultimate appears Gremio (23 points), which struggles not to descend like other greats. Sport Recife (26) and Bahía (27) are also in the relegation zone. Outside the last four places, there are hardly Santos and Juventude (28).
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When is the last day?

The final date of the championship is scheduled for the weekend of Sunday, December 5.
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Who is the top scorer?

With 11 goals, Yuri Alberto (International) leads the table of gunners. They follow him with 10 Gilberto (Bahía) and Hulk (Mineiro).
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