Justin Herbert vs. Lamar Jackson, battle of modern styles to play as QBs in the NFL

Justin Herbert vs.  Lamar Jackson, battle of modern styles to play as QBs in the NFL

Lamar Jackson already has experience in this of the duels against elite passers in the NFL and this time, it is against Justin Herbert that he must show that a quarterback / running back is as effective as a conventional passer to guide his team to victory. when the Baltimore Ravens host the Los Angeles Chargers.

In recent years, Jackson was challenged to face an elite quarterback of his generation with more conventional characteristics against Patrick Mahomes, who, despite being adept at escaping pressure and gaining yards with his legs, works more from the bag. of protection.

Jackson was able to beat Mahomes until his fourth attempt in the regular season and in the framework of Week 6 of the current season, he will face for the first time a Herbert with characteristics similar to those of the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback.

Although he also knows how to take advantage of his legs, Herbert works more in the bag and his numbers confirm it, in the same way that the statistics reflect Jackson’s taste and effectiveness for running and taking advantage of the Ravens offensive system that potentiates his ability.

From the bag or out of it when avoiding pressure, the Chargers passer uses his arm to do damage. Since Week 3, Herbert has added six touchdown passes to his running backs or tight ends, the second-highest total in the league in that span.

In the first five games of the current season, Herbert has added at least 25 completions each to have the longest active streak in the league and tie the longest in the history of the Chargers (Philip Rivers).

Considering that he enters the game against the Ravens with three touchdown passes in four consecutive games, Herbert’s quality as a bag passer and nimble to throw on the run away from pressure is confirmed.

On the other hand, the defensive weakness of the Chargers on the ground, where they allow 157.6 yards per game (the worst in the NFL) and 5.6 yards per rush, is an invitation for Jackson to exploit his ability to run by system or at the least provocation. .

The Ravens “passer” has 34 games with at least 50 yards rushing in his four-year NFL career, a rate that ties him with Randall Cunningham for third place in NFL history, behind only Cam Newton. (46) and Michael Vick (54).

A data that reflects the way in which Jackson drives rival defenses crazy with his ability to run and the “read option” (reading option), plays in which he runs according to the defensive formation and with a teammate by his side, Who he can pass the ball to if a defender decides to tackle it is the Ravens’ 43-game streak of at least 100 yards rushing, which they couldn’t extend Monday night.

The Pittsburgh Steelers set the 43-game mark with at least 100 yards in the 1970s with a dominant running attack that challenged defenses head-on. Baltimore’s streak featured Jackson, who was his team’s leading running back in 20 of those 43 games.

In the end, the Ravens offensive system is built according to the characteristics of their quarterback / running back and unlike those Steelers of more than 40 years ago, the running attack that Jackson stars in dodges those frontal collisions with the defense to advance.

These are other times in the NFL and Jackson is proof of this, but in front of him he will have a Justin Herbert who sticks more to the fundamentals, with more skills, of a position that should be more lethal from the bag of protection.

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