Mikey Garcia wants to stay at 140 pounds and goes for Josh Taylor

Mikey García quiere quedarse en 140 libras y va por Josh Taylor

The Mexican-American boxer, Mikey Garcia, assured that he wants to stay at 140 pounds to be able to face Josh taylor, undisputed lightweight champion.

“I don’t see myself fighting at lightweight anymore, but I do see myself at 140,” he said. Mikey Garcia to the media. “There are some really good names in lightweight. Josh taylor He’s a great champion and if some of the 135 guys can go up, there are big fights at 140 ″.

Another of the rivals that Mikey contemplate to face is Regis Prograis. That would be the plan Mikey Garcia before getting into a fight with Josh taylor.

“I have to keep winning. Winning on Saturday and then beating someone like Regis Prograis ”, Explain Mikey. “I think that should generate attention to get a fight with Taylor. He’s the undisputed champion and that’s the biggest fight he could do at that weight. “

Mikey Garcia made it clear that he wanted to stay at 147 pounds to contest a world title.

“I wanted to stay at 147 to see the possibility of fighting for a world welterweight title,” he explained. Mikey. “We had discussed the fight with (Regis) You program at welterweight since he was considering going up to 147, but Sandor (Martin, European super lightweight champion) has been at 140, so we agreed to a weight of 145 which I’m not excited about, but that’s okay. “

Mikey he claims he doesn’t feel like a complete welterweight, and that he never made it to the division limit at 147 pounds.

“I have never stepped on the scale at 147,” he says. Mikey. “I have marked 144 or 145 (pounds). If there’s a chance to fight for a welterweight belt, I’m ready, but 140 is a more ideal weight for me in my size and body build. It is a more comfortable weight for me ”.

Mikey Garcia is disappointed

The boxer noted that he understands the boxing business, but was disappointed that the fight did not take place with Regis Prograis.

“I understand the business of boxing, so I was disappointed that the fight with Regis it would not be given ”, expresses Mikey. “But we move on. I hope we can make that fight happen soon, if things are going well on Saturday and I win without injuries or cuts, I would want to do that fight right away. That’s a fight I want, the fans and the media want it, but the programming and promotional time needed to build a fight like that just weren’t there. “

Garcia he’s ready to train 147-pound rivals and is not closed off to new challenges.

“If there is a good fight at 147 with a great name or a belt, I would love it. I think I’m better built and more developed for welterweight now than the first time, “he said.

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