Muslera emulated Siboldi and avoided a historical role

Muslera emulated Siboldi and avoided a historical role

It was a martyrdom. Time did not pass. The team wandered on the court. Brazil played for the tribune. And humiliation was just around the corner. Is that the Brazilians, unlike the Argentines, do not forgive you. If they can step on your head, footballingly speaking, they will step on you mercilessly. And if the goalkeeper Fernando Muslera had not played, the night would have been much worse in Manaus.

The Uruguayan goalkeeper avoided a historic role. It was recognized by the coach of the selected team, Oscar Tabárez, when he said at the conference: “That the score could be higher is true, our goalkeeper was one of the figures of the game.”

Fernando Muslera saved seven goals that could simply have raised the numbers on the scoreboard to a dozen.

The blue one avoided two clear goals in the first half, first taking a low shot from Neymar and then another against Rafinha’s post. In the complement he started with a double covered, another against Jesus, and three definitions where Gabigol’s goal cry was drowned out.

Muslera’s performance was reminiscent of the one Robert Siboldi had in 1993 avoiding Uruguay’s role in Maracanã in the qualifying qualifying rounds for the United States 94 World Cup.

That September 19, 1993, Brazil beat Uruguay 2-0 with two goals from Romário. But the result fell short with what was the process of the match. Coach Ildo Maneiro stopped the team with five defenders but they never gave way. And what was worse, the game remained in the memory of the Uruguayans because the celestial team did not pass half the court.

That blue team played with Robert Siboldi; Ricardo Canals (68 ‘Adrián Paz); Gustavo Méndez, José Herrera, Fernando Kanapkis and José Batista; Diego Dorta, Álvaro Gutiérrez and Enzo Francescoli (68 ‘José Luis Zalazar); Daniel Fonseca and Ruben Sosa.

Brazil: Taffarel; Jorginho, Ricardo Rocha, Ricardo Gomes and Branco; Dunga, Mauro Silva and Raí; Zinho, Bebeto and Romário.

If Siboldi’s performance did not mediate, the celestial team could have received a historic defeat, as happened this Thursday with Fernando Muslera who saved Uruguay from a role.

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