Ricardo Gareca, despite the defeat: “I’m leaving with optimism”

Ricardo Gareca, despite the defeat: "I'm leaving with optimism"

RIcardo Gareca did not show pessimism despite the 1-0 defeat that the Peruvian National Team suffered against Argentina On the twelfth day of the Qualifiers heading to Qatar 2022 that left the ‘Blanquirroja’ in the penultimate position of the positions only ahead of Venezuela.

“It is a negative balance for us. I leave with good feelings from both Bolivia and Argentina and when that happens, I look at things with optimism. Knowing the squad and us as a national team. Beyond that, the balance was negative in terms of numbers and results, I am leaving with hope and faith that we are capable of reversing the situation “Gareca said at a press conference.

We did not lack attitude. The team had everything they needed. We play against a great rival and in a difficult scenario. It is important not to lower your arms and keep fighting until the last moment. Argentina leads you to make some mistakes. The team was good and I am satisfied with what the boys gave on the field of play. Not with the result, but with his performance ”, insisted the Argentine coach.

For its part, Gianluca Lapadula emphasized: “I think we have played the three games very well, it would have been better to win a point or two more points, but I think the team’s attitude is there.”

“We played a great game tonight, against a great rival like Argentina. The most important thing is that we have played very well, against a great rival and we have to keep working and fighting until the end. Everything is possible. You have to believe in us because we can all achieve qualification for the World Cup ”, added the ‘Blanquirroja’ forward.

“In the first half I had the chance to score the goal and it didn’t happen unfortunately. You have to work, I am sure that with this mentality we can achieve our goals. We have played our game, we have worked it well. Unfortunately we have not scored any points. There is no need to look for anyone responsible for anything. This triple date has given us too much confidence for our journey. The right word is to believe ”, insisted the Benevento player.

“We have a great team and we are a great group, that’s essential. Yoshimar Yotún is an example for everyone and I will follow him everywhere ”, he completed in support of his teammate who missed the penalty that could have meant the Peruvian draw.

Finally, the doorman Pedro Gallese expressed: “The idea was to add here. We knew it was going to be very difficult because of the great players that Argentina has. We came looking for something and unfortunately it was not possible. As long as there are points to fight, we will continue with the illusion. I think we are playing good games, but we lack that bonus of winning ”.

“I think it was a game that we expected where Argentina was going to want to control the game and we bet on ours, but unfortunately we couldn’t get any points,” completed the Orlando City player.

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