Super Uru de Clubes: Old Boys beat Montevideo Cricket by 30 to 17 and continues to lead

Super Uru de Clubes: Old Boys beat Montevideo Cricket by 30 to 17 and continues to lead

Old Boys defeated Montevideo Cricket by 30 to 17 at the beginning of the 9th date of the Super Uru de Clubs. The winning team remains as Leader of the contest in the absence of a date for the closing of the qualifying stage.

The first half started with many inaccuracies on both sides and with the two teams more concerned with friction than in the game. Montevideo Cricket tried to impose its physical power with its forwards, but always found battle on the part of a rival who was more clinical and who made the most of every ball. This is how in the first opportunity near the ingoal of Montevideo, that the winners made a profit with a good play from the second row Santiago Vilaseca that ended in a try against the wing’s flag Eugenio Plottier.

The expulsions of Carlos Pombo and Mauro Silva at the close of the first stage they were a clear example of what happened in the first stage. The 8-0 in favor of Old Boys left everyone present with little pleasure and with the hope of seeing something more entertaining in the second half.

The story was different in the complement. Old Boys took the initiative and took advantage of the yellow to Nicolás Bourdiel to stretch the lead. The foot of Matías Davanzo began to make a difference and two good conquests of Joaquin Alonso They gave the tournament leader the necessary air to start managing the match times.

Montevideo Cricket was not resigned and tried to find a comeback that was not possible, beyond the tries of the aforementioned Bourdiel, Bautista Diana and Agustín Giampedraglia.

Old Boys, on the other hand, reached the bonus with the try of Juan Buccino and, in this way, he lowered the blind to the final victory 30-17.


MONTEVIDEO CRICKET (17): 24. Diego de Pazos, 16. Nicolás Bourdiel, 1. Eduardo Pose, 19. Pablo Bernasconi, 14. Mateo Fernández, 6. Federico Cibils, 20. Agustín Alonso, 7. Mauro Silva, 9. Gastón Nicolás, 10. Juan Zuccarino , 22. Mateo Revello, 12. Marcos Brovetto (c), 13. Rodrigo De Pazos, 15. Martín Burgos; 33. Henry Frederick

Changes: ST: 15´ Iván Castelluccio by Eduardo Pose, 17´ Juan Martín David by Pablo Bernasconi, 22´ Nicolás Varela, Bautista Diana and Martín Souberville by Mateo Revello, 29´ F. Dos Santos by Marcos Brovetto, 33´ Douglas Machado and Agustín Giampedraglia by Diego De Pazos and Nicolás Bourdiel.

Coach: Fernando Ponte

OLD BOYS (30): 1. Diego Pombo, 2. Carlos Pombo, 3. Faustino Etcheverry, 4. Guillermo Symonds, 5. Santiago Vilaseca, 6. Juan Gaminara, 7. Gonzalo Piana, 8. Carlos Deus, 9. Martín Stefani, 10. Matías Davanzo, 11. Eugenio Plottier, 12. Germán Albanell (C), 13. Bautista Basso, 14. Joaquín Alonso; 15. Gastón Gibernau.

Changes: PT: 39´Joaquín Rocco by Eugenio Plottier. ST. 1´ Joaquín García by Guillermo Symonds, 7´Alfonso Cat by Martín Stefani, 9´ Baltasar Amaya by Gastón Gibernau, 21´ Augusto Magno and Federico Delucchi by Santiago Vilaseca and Juan Gaminara, 24´ Aram Nerguzian and Juan Buccino by Diego Pombo and Faustino Etcheverry.

Coach: Francisco De Posadas

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 11´ Try by Eugenio Plottier (OB), 38´ Penalty by Matías Davanzo (OB)

Partial result: Montevideo Cricket 0-8 Old Boys

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 3´ Penalty by Matías Davanzo (OB), 14´Try by Joaquín Alonso converted by Matías Davanzo (OB), 14´Try by Nicolás Bourdiel (M), 19´Try by Joaquín Alonso (OB), 25´ Try by Juan Buccino converted by Matías Davanzo (OB), 32´ Try by Baustista Diana (M), 42´ Try by Agustín Giampedraglia converted by Martín Burgos (M)

Final score: Montevideo Cricket 17-30 Old Boys

Expelled: PT: 35´Carlos Pombo (OB) and Mauro Silva (M)

Admonished: ST: 2´ Nicolás Bourdiel

Referee: Caua Ricardo (Brazil)

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