Tabárez and the painful defeat in Brazil: “The solutions do not appear, I assume responsibility”

Tabárez and the painful defeat in Brazil: "The solutions do not appear, I assume responsibility"

The technician of Uruguay, Óscar Tabárez, assumed responsibility for the defeat with Brazil, acknowledged that the team lost confidence, that solutions do not appear but that, beyond all, no one is going to throw in the towel.

At a press conference, the celestial coach recognized Brazil’s superiority, said that despite the rival’s level, they played at a disadvantage due to the heat and humidity.

“That the score could be higher is true, our goalkeeper was one of the figures of the game and I think it is time to be calm. The solutions, which we seek, do not appear. I assume the responsibility that I have not found them (the solutions) and the only thing I think about is the recovery of the equipment and keep looking. It will be a difficult date because we play against an opponent who clearly beat us as Argentina and playing at the height of La Paz is a determining factor, but facing adversity will not stop and recovery has to come, and these are the players, We have a nucleus that we think can help the team and others that we hope that with the running of the games in their leagues they can overturn their level of play”.

The coach added: “The situation is difficult for what is coming, because of what happened, we left the qualifying zone.”

Regarding the future, he indicated: “It’s hard, I don’t have the formula, I am going to try through the little I know and the experience that I have over so many years of work to try that this low mood that we all have at this moment is not an extra weight that we carry to the game with Argentina and then to the from Bolivia”.

Later, he indicated: “The worst thing is to lose because a Qualifying is done to gain points but that they have generated so many situations for us is not something that is too frequent for us, apart from the fact that we had to do that against the two best teams in the Qualifiers and especially Brazil. that for two and a half heats he has almost not lost. The goal that Luis (Suárez) scored today is the fourth they make in the Qualifiers, so we were beaten but by a very good team”.

Tabárez acknowledged that the group’s confidence is affected by stating: “The games won, the goals avoided, the goals scored, that gives confidence, I think that today the team did not perform the minimum it was used to. Yes, the desire, the strength, the management of adversity, but that does not work for what you want and for what gives you confidence. There is obviously a lost confidence and it is something that we have to solve ”.

And he concluded by saying: “I do not know if alarm is the word, concern of course and I believe that the footballers at this moment are not well, things are not happening and what we have to achieve is that nobody throws in the towel and we are not not even close to that, what fixes things in football are the results and for that they are going to work. The only thing I can predict is that it will be difficult but we will try ”.

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