Clausura Tournament: Tucumán Rugby became champion

Clausura Tournament: Tucumán Rugby became champion

The green-black was forceful and defeated Swimming and Gymnastics as a visitor in the final by 49 to 14 and is celebrating after consecrating himself in the tournament Closing of Tucumán Pepe Mattalías

On a sunny afternoon Tucuman Rugby The game started unstoppable and it was forceful. At 5 minutes Bernardo D’antuene He quickly opened the scoring by entering the rival ingoal in what would be a crushing first half by the green-black on Swimming and Gymnastics.

In the first stage the visitor got 4 tries and had the precision of his opening, Jorge Dominguez who did not miss the sticks and this allowed him to go to rest with a resounding 31 to 0.

Already in the second stage the local left with the ambition to be able to enter the game and was able to score his first try after a maul thanks to Patrick Bonilla to get closer on the scoreboard by 7 to 31.

Quickly, the local managed to score his second try at 12 minutes from the hand of Miguel Assis and to be able to fight until the end. But finally the green-black man was able to stretch the lead by making two more tries, in what would be a resounding victory by 49-14.

In this way, Tucumán Rugby became champion of the Closing Tournament of Tucumán Pepe Mattalías as a visitor.


SWIMMING AND GYMNASTICS (14): 1- Gonzalo Páez, 2- Matías Orlande (C), 3- Abel Figueroa, 4- Patricio Bonilla, 5- Mariano Perondi, 6- Tomás Juárez, 7- Matías López, 8- Santiago Romano, 9- Agustín Ramasco, 10- Santiago Rodríguez, 11- César Rivadeneira, 12- Salustiano Vergara. 13- Gonzalo Terraf, 14- Lucas Escobedo, 15- Matías Bascary.

Changes: ST: 0 ‘Damián Juárez Luna for Santiago Romano, 2’ Rubén Ricco and Ramón Sánchez for Gonzalo Páez and Abel Figueroa, 22 ‘Jaoquín Bustos for César Rivadeneira, 24’ Miguel Assis and Guillermo Villagra for Tomás Juárez and Matías Bascary 29 ‘Santiago García by Mariano Perondi.

Trainers: Pablo Bascary and Diego Vidal.

TUCUMAN RUGBY (49): 1- Francisco Caram, 2- Bernardo D’antuene, 3- Martín José Hernández Hill, 4- Ignacio Pascal, 5- Francisco José Cáceres Terán, 6- Máximo Zerda (C), 20- Lucas Santamarina, 8- Santiago Aguilar, 9- Miguel Barrera, 22- Jorge Domínguez, 11- Evaristo Paz, 12- Ignacio Albornoz, 13- Bautista Estofán, 14- Matías Sauze, 15- Gonzalo Albornoz.

Changes: PT 19 ‘Gerónimo Pascal by Francisco José Cáceres Terán, 38’ Jerónimo Paz Posse by Gonzalo Albornoz. ST: 4 ‘Mariano Muntaner and Santiago Paz Posse by Bernardo D’antuene and Miguel Barrera, 20’ Mariano Carranzo by Martín José Hernández Hill, 25 ‘Santiago Lamarque by Francisco Caram, 27’ Matías Frías Silva by Ignacio Albornoz, 30 ‘Juan María D’antuene by Máximo Zerda.

Coach: José Macome.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 5 ‘Try Bernardo D’antuene converted by Jorge Domínguez (TR); 13 ‘Penalty converted by Jorge Domínguez (TR); 18 ‘Try by Lucas Santamarina converted by Jorge Domínguez (TR); 30 ‘Try Bautista Estofán converted by Jorge Domínguez (TR); 35 ‘Try Ignacio Albornoz converted by Jorge Domínguez (TR).

Partial result: Swimming and Gymnastics 0 – Tucumán Rugby 31

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 5 ‘Try Patricio Bonilla converted by Santiago Rodríguez (NG); 12 ‘Try Miguel Assis converted by Santiago Rodríguez (NG) 15’ Penalty converted by Jorge Domínguez (TR); 21 ‘Try Santiago Paz Posse (TR); 31 ‘Penalty converted by Jorge Domínguez (TR); 34 ‘Try Mariano Muntaner converted by Jorge Domínguez (TR).

Final score: Swimming and Gymnastics 14 – 49 Tucumán Rugby

Admonished: ST 23 ‘Lucas Santamarina (TR).

REFEREE: Carlos Navarro

BASKETBALL COURT: Swimming and Gymnastics

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