In a fight of more than 1,600 strokes, Vaquero Navarrete won a unanimous decision to Joet González

Vaquero Navarrete y Joet González

Emanuel “Vaquero” Navarrete defeated by unanimous decision Joet gonzalez in a very fierce, heavy hitting fight Friday night in San Diego, California. With cards of 118-110 and 116-112, Navarrete retained his featherweight world championship OMB, surpassing the top ranked in the division and making his second successful defense of the scepter he won in October 2020.

It was a fight in which according to Compubox, 1,646 punches were thrown in total, between the two fighters. A fight of constant exchange, in which Joet gonzalez He ended up with three cuts on his face, and a strong swelling on his right cheekbone.

The Navarrete cowboy He showed all the qualities that make him one of the strongest Mexican world champions of the moment. He is a relentless fighter, with an optimal physical condition that allows him to shoot and shoot and throw punches. In view of Gonzalez He combined up and down, straight and curved punches, with equal efficiency, going forward as well as fighting backward. At times fighting from the left guard, and presenting complicated angles to Gonzalez.

For his lanky, long-armed and sometimes messy style, the Navarrete cowboy it could convey the perception of being a one-dimensional fixative. But within that sometimes run over boxing, there is a fighter who is efficient in the vast majority of lines. He knows how to find his distance, he has a great punch to the body, he has stabbing fists, he knows how to stand at angles and change guard. He is a well-worked fighter who is not afraid to make big adjustments in the middle of the round. The great deficit of Navarrete it is still defense.

Navarrete He acknowledged at the end of the fight that he ran into the most difficult opponent of his career. Although from the third round, the Mexican opened his right cheekbone to Gonzalez, the Mexican American never stopped going to the front and attacking. He was a tough and irreducible fighter, which required the maximum effort of Navarrete.

The Cowboy he was no stranger to punishment. In the fourth round, a jab and right straight combination entered the tip of the chin, momentarily numbing the legs of Navarrete, although it was only a scare for the Mexican.

Gonzalez it was hard until the end. He never loosened, even though his face had already been completely deformed. Joet, who was first classified in the division, came out to die in the line in his second starting opportunity, since he had already lost a unanimous decision before playing against Shakur stevenson the featherweight world championship that was vacant.

The pride and bravery of Joet gonzalez were overtaken by a Navarrete cowboy who is one dimension up in his boxing. For him Cowboy it was a high-voltage defense, entertaining, rigorous, and demanding.

It was a very nice night at the Pechanga Arena in San Diego.

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