Nadal, on his discipline: “I never broke a racket or behaved like a madman”

Nadal, on his discipline: "I never broke a racket or behaved like a madman"

In addition to the talent that each tennis player may have, the discipline and professionalism on and off the pitch It’s fundamental. In that sense -and in many others as well-, Rafael Nadal is an example of exemplary behavior during matches. The Spaniard spoke about it and stressed that taking these aspects into account is a priority for him.

“I like to compete, but I always control myself during matches. I’ve never lost my cool or broken a racket. I’ve never been crazy. That is my philosophy for sports in general, so when I play golf or soccer with my friends, I do the best I can, “explained Rafa in dialogue with the Number Web medium.

It should be remembered that months ago, Toni, his uncle and former coach, had revealed why Nadal always had such good behavior: “Drop the racket once and I won’t be your coach anymore. There are millions of children in the world who do not have rackets and cannot afford them. That’s what I told Rafa when he was six years old and he never launched one. “

Likewise, the current N ° 6 in the world revealed what kind of hobbies he uses to work on these types of issues: “In my case, I practice yoga and meditation to be able to control my emotions well in the decisive scenes of the game “.

On the other hand, he again mentioned his other great favorite sport, golf. “Watching golf on TV is a good rest. Sometimes I sit on the couch and stare at night. I want at least 5 hours of sleep, but I’m a little late to sleep watching golf. But it’s a much healthier hobby than going out for a drink, right?“concluded the manacorí winner of 20 Grand Slams.

Prior to this statement, Nadal had said that “Djokovic is the perfect tennis player.” Now, he made headlines again for talking about his discipline in sport. While still recovering and working to get back to competition, Rafa’s return date to the circuit is still unknown.

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