Pulga Soto loses world belt when falling against Jonathan González

Jonathan González venció a Pulga Soto

Elwin “Pulga” Soto lost the world light flyweight championship of the OMB when falling by split decision against the Puerto Rican Jonathan Gonzalez, on the undercard of the feature that starred Mikey Garcia and Sandor martin.

The judges scored double 116-112 in favor of Gonzalez, while the other judge saw win to The flea by 116-112.

The fight played out in only one way over the 12 rounds. The one of Mexicali, Baja California, going to the front, while the one from the island of enchantment counterattacked.

Since the initial bell sounded, the course developed in this way. Jonathan He was in good physical condition walking around the ring and being very accurate when the Mexican entered.

For its part, Soto He tried to propose, but after he discovered during the first rounds that throwing a lot of shots was not the formula and he received a lot when he closed the distance, he tied up a lot in those moments.

As the fight progressed, the Mexican’s frustration began to grow and his strategy was based on looking for a right wing that would put the Caribbean in trouble.

However, every time that happened, Jonathan he counterattacked or came out very well through legs to avoid punishment.

Some rounds were very close and could have been to either side, but Gonzalez began to make a difference with all the punches he landed faster than Elwin.

By the ninth round, the former champion’s frustration reached its peak as he took hold of the left arm of Jonathan and he folded it, making it a key. The referee only stopped the actions and was left as a warning.

That didn’t slow down the pace of Jonathan Gonzalez, who put up a very smart fight to become a world champion for the first time.

In August 2019 he had a fight for a world flyweight title against Kosei Tanaka, who knocked him out in the seventh round.

For its part, Elwin soto lost for the second time in his career in what was the second defense of the championship of the OMB.

The other time he lost was in February 2017 in his third fight as a professional when he fell by unanimous decision.

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