Top 14: Stade Francais and Castres wins with Kremer and Urdapilleta

Top 14: Stade Francais and Castres wins with Kremer and Urdapilleta

The seventh date of the French tournament had Axel muller as a starter in Brive’s loss to Stade Rochelais. Argentines Marcos Kremer, Patricio Fernández and Martín Landajo they were part of the couple rendezvous between Perpignan and Stade Francais. Guido Petti and Santiago Cordero were in Bordeaux’s victory against PAU, which had Ignacio Calles between the alternates. Thomas Cubelli entered Biarritz and scored a try in the loss to Castres de Benjamin Urdapilleta.

BRIVE 6-8 LA ROCHELLE (Saturday)

What promised to be an entertaining showdown began with one penalty per side. Halfway through the first half, La Rochelle suffered a major blow as two of its players saw the yellow card within a period of less than ten minutes apart. Brive did not take advantage of his numerical superiority and only managed to add penalty points. The final half was a repetition of what was seen in the 40 ‘, since this time it was two Brive players who had to leave the court for ten minutes. Retiere’s try on the end sentenced history in favor of the visit.


The match was developed evenly, both teams added in the sticks until the middle of the first half, when Stade Francais opened the try counter. Perpignan quickly matched the mark and each time some added, others discounted. The attractive meeting had the ownership of Marcos Kremer, who saw the yellow card after 48 minutes, and the entry in the complement of Patricio Fernández and Martín Landajo for the premises.

PAU 33-37 BORDEAUX BÈGLES (Saturday)

Although the homeowners broke zero, from a penalty, it was Bordeaux, with Petti and Cordero in their ranks, who scored the first two tries of the match, in plays crowned by Jalibert and Seuteni. The remaining minutes were based on penalties by both teams. From the complement, PAU, where Ignacio Calles entered at 70 ‘, seemed to wake up and managed to get three tries that, in the face of the added conquests of Bordeaux, were not enough to take the victory.

CASTRES 38-20 BIARRITZ (Saturday)

Castres punished in the first half with three tries, two of them successfully converted by Benjamín Urdapilleta; Biarritz had a lower performance, managing to add two penalties and a try. In addition, at 29 ‘, Hirigoyen saw the yellow card. In the complement, Tomás Cubelli entered for the visit and reached the ingoal successfully, leaving his team alive. However, the subsequent annotations by Castres ended what was the victory for the locals.


The homeowners took the first hit on the scoreboard from a penalty. Clermont took a try but Montpellier reacted quickly and responded with a try accompanied by two more penalties. Although the visit returned to add three, at the end of the first part they were momentarily with fourteen, after the yellow card to Penaud. The last forty minutes were a symphony of penalties for both teams, although Clermont achieved the minimum advantage that led to a valuable away win.

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