URBA Primera A: Champagnat beat Atlético del Rosario and climbed to the top

URBA Primera A: Champagnat beat Atlético del Rosario and climbed to the top

The fight for promotion to the URBA Top 12 is very close. Champagnat beat Atlético Del Rosario 31 to 24 and climbed to the top of the table of positions of the First A tournament of the URBA.

The beginning was very measured, both teams did not give up space or ground. The whole dispute was in the middle of the court. The scoreboard was broken by the local, seven minutes from the start, with a penalty from its opening Gonzalo Costaguta. Plaza’s response was immediate and with a long-distance penalty, Manuel Nogués left the score equalized.

The parity in the meeting was only broken in the last section of the first half. Positioning the game in adversary territory, the local took advantage and reached the try on two occasions through Tomás Alonso and Joaquín Del Bianco to leave things 17 to 3 and start looking at the game in a different way.

However, Atlético del Rosario did not sit idly by and taking advantage of the indiscipline of the locals discounted with a criminal try which put the score 17 to 10.

In the complement, with indiscipline of the two teams, the tries of both sides appeared. Champa was the one who got it first with a try of Tobias Imbrosciano, while the visit returned courtesies swiftly with another conquest of the pillar Ezequiel Reyes.

With the score equalized at 24 points, the last word was left in the hands of the locals. A nice personal move from Thomas Distel he sentenced history for the celebration of the Champagnat players and their people. The 31-24 triumph not only corroborated a great display of character, but also for the first time, the possibility of being at the top of the standings.


CHAMPAGNAT (31): 1. Manuel Garciarena 2. Joaquin Dal Bianco 3. Brian Jalk 5. Iñaki Ustariz 23. Francisco Castelli Azpiroz 6. Matías Alonso Boto 7. Tomas Alonso Boto 8. Lucas Valdez 9. Martin Garciarena 10. Gonzalo Costaguta 11. Tomás Podingo 12. Tobías Imbrosciano 13. Simón Montes 14. Martín Cordeyro (C) 15. Gregorio Carol Lugones

Changes: ST – 3 ‘Tomás Distel by Brian Jalk, 17’ Santos Panela by Simón Montes and Santiago De La Fuente by Lucas Valdez, 34 ‘Josué Del Río by Matías Alonso Boto. 38 ‘Federico Domínguez for Tomás Podingo.

Trainers: Facundo and Federico Villanueva and Iván Hansen

ATLÉTICO DEL ROSARIO (24): 1. Ezequiel Reyes 2. Jeremías Aime 3. Marcos Entaish 4. Matias Kremer 5. Octavio Capella 6. Santiago Casals 7. Jerónimo Gómez Vara 8. Lucas Malanos (C) 9. Manuel Nogues 10. Martín Elias 11. Juan Pablo Estelles 23 Martín Rodríguez 13. Bautista Estelles 14. Lorenzo Zulatto 15. Nicolás Casals

Changes: PT: 25 ‘Pedro Bossio by Juan Pablo Estelles. ST: 20 ‘Sebastián Camino by Octavio Capella. 24 ‘Valentino Marciali for Marcos Entaish.

Coach: Valentin Benitez

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 7 ‘Penalty by Gonzalo Costagutal (Ch); 13´ Penalty of Manuel Nogues (AR); 28 ‘Try by Tomás Alonso Boto, converted by Gonzalo Costaguta (Ch), 33’ Try by Joaquín Dal Bianco, converted by Gonzalo Costaguta (Ch), 37 ‘Penalty try (AR)

Partial result: Champagnat 17 – 10 Atlético del Rosario

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 12 ‘Try by Tobías Imbrosciano, converted by Gonzalo Costaguta (Ch), 17’ Try by Ezequiel Reyes, converted by Martín Elias (AR), 25 ‘Try by Lucas Malanos, converted by Martín Elias (AR); 30 ‘Try by Tomás Distel, converted by Gonzalo Costaguta (Ch).

Final score: Champagnat 31 – 24 Atlético del Rosario

Admonished: PT- 33 ‘Brian Jalk. ST- 20 ‘Martín Rodríguez, 28’ Tomás Podingo and 38 ‘Francisco Castelli.


REFEREE: Nehuén Jauri Rivero.

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