“With Márquez I am not friends, with Pacquiao yes”: Barrera reacts 9 years later to Marquez’s knockout of Pacquiao

“Con Márquez no llevo amistad, con Pacquiao sí”: Barrera reacciona 9 años después a nocaut de Márquez a Pacquiao

Marco Antonio Barrera saw the historic knockout of Juan Manuel Marquez upon Manny pacquiao, and reacted to what happened that night, and incidentally, explained why his reaction was not so effusive.

That night, December 8, 2012, Barrier worked as an analyst for Mexican television broadcasting, in Box Azteca. The reaction of all the narrators, including Julio Cesar Chavez, who also worked as an analyst, was one of the most emotional in the history of Mexican television.

However, the reaction of Marco Antonio Barrera to the victory of Marquez it was lukewarm. He looked more puzzled or confused, than excited. That has caused that over time, Barrier has received criticism from the more nationalist wing of Mexican boxing, who accused him of being envious that Juan Manuel Marquez yes he could do what he could not, well Barrier lost twice against Manny pacquiao.

Now, more than 10 years later, Marco Antonio Barrera reacted to that knockout again, and on his YouTube channel, One More Round, explains your reasons.

Barrera did not see Márquez’s knockout of Pacquiao in real time

Marco Antonio Barrera claims he didn’t see the knockout because he was distracted checking his cell phone.

“I never imagined that would happen. I was on the phone, and thanks to that I stopped using it, “he explains. Barrier. “It looks like I was reviewing the hit (on the monitor) because I didn’t know what had happened. They would pass the word on to you, and if you kept quiet, they would no longer pass it on to you ”.

The knockout, and the crushing way it fell Manny pacquiao unconscious on the mat, caused everyone at ringside to panic, including the Filipino’s team, who was in front of the Box Azteca.

“I wanted to raise my head, I was in a corner,” he says. Barrier. “All the people, all the team of Manny pacquiao I was covering myself to see what had happened. I stared at the monitor. Can see Julio Cesar Chavez, on tiptoe too (trying to see). He raised his hands, but he didn’t even know what had happened, he didn’t see the blow. See the face of Julius Caesar, nothing else took the reaction of our colleagues ”.

Marco Antonio Barrera’s reaction to Juan Manuel Márquez’s knockout of Manny Pacquiao

“With Márquez there is no chemistry for a friendship”

Marco Antonio Barrera reiterates something he had already said, does not have a great relationship with Juan Manuel Marquez, while with Manny pacquiao he does maintain a friendship.

“People have given me everything, not just me, but also part of my children,” he explains. Barrier. “They call me anti-Mexican, envious. But we must also remember that with Marquez I do not have a very good friendship, I have friendship with Manny pacquiao“.

The former Mexican world champion assures that he has no chemistry with Juan Manuel Marquez, despite being countrymen.

Manny pacquiao, for me, he is an extraordinary human being, he is a great friend ”, he expresses Barrier. “Marquez He is my countryman, he is from Iztacalco too, but there is not that chemistry to be able to have that friendship, so we should not disrespect any boxer ”.

Barrier He explains that perhaps it was because of all that, that that night he could not react to the knockout as the entire Mexican fans did.

“So, for that reason, perhaps the reaction could not be as people asked for it,” he reiterates. Barrier. “I didn’t want to explode like my peers. They are announcers, they know how to do the show to throw the leaves and be able to say what was happening ”.

Withdraw what was said: it was not a stroke of luck

While Marco Antonio Barrera reviews the knockout scene, ensures that he no longer thinks that the knockout of Juan Manuel Marquez upon Pacquiao it was a stroke of luck.

I thought, and I say it to Juan Manuel, I said in the Philippines that it had been a stroke of luck, but no. I withdraw what I said ”, he retracts Barrier. “(Marquez) He had it well planned, takes a little step back, and returned with the right hand overhang. I think he had it well studied at all times ”.

AND Barrier explains how was the knockout of Marquez to Barrier as part of your new reaction.

“He grabs it with that right hand, he grabbed it entering with that feint and that right hand flying,” he says. Barrier. “And I’m sorry to all the people that I am hardly reacting in this way, but I had not seen it so closely, and I had not experienced it like that. (Marquez) he removes his right hand jab from Manny pacquiao and from above he throws that right hand. An impressive, dangerous fall. They say that falls that go forward are twice as dangerous as when you go backwards ”.

Barrera recognizes Márquez for knockout of Pacquiao

And finally, Marco Antonio Barrera does not haggle any merits to Marquez.

“I take off my hat with Juan Manuel Marquez“, recognize Barrier. “I apologize to all the people if I could not celebrate it, or if I could not do it as you requested. Sorry, but here we are reliving and vindicating what happened that historic night ”.

Barrier reiterates what was said: it was not a stroke of luck.

“A blow, not luck, not luck, I reiterate,” he reaffirms Frame. “He caught it very well, a little side step and then that right hand over the jab. I think I had it planned or had it strategically studied ”.

Frame He assures that he is not anti-Mexican and that he enjoys the triumphs of his countrymen.

“I hope you liked the reaction, and if it is what you expected,” he says. Barrier. “I had not done this type of exercise. I did it for you, because they told me what happened to the reaction, that it was anti-Mexican, that it was envious, that it was corroding my envy. Of course not. I am Mexican and I like to enjoy the triumphs as you like ”.

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