M-17: By the minimum, CUBA took the unbeaten one from Newman

M-17: By the minimum, CUBA took the unbeaten one from Newman

In M17, with the detail and appealing to the confidence that his kicker had Simon Allaria three minutes from the whistle of the end, CUBA won a tough battle against Newman who was undefeated in the zone for 22 to 21.

On a windy afternoon in Benavidez, the visit took an important triumph to take clean and jerk for the remainder of the year. Some sparks were brought out of the teams mainly in the first half. Five minutes after the kick off, the referee decided to disallow a try from Baptist Marolda in one of the ends, because the advantage did not prosper and there was a side entry to the ruck, reason that puzzled the local for a few minutes and immediately the try of Joaquin Corleto.

A long period passed, where both generated situations, but it was clear that CUBA He came out to crash from minute one, while his defense was an unstoppable wall. For its part, Newman lost several balls on contact. However, in one of the many attempts of the Cardinal, the concentrate Ignacio Ruzzo He had the pleasure of reaching the ingoal and also converting, although there just appeared the hooker Lucas gauna and Simon Allaria to put the match 12 to 7.

The key word that started the complement was “patience”, especially for El Bordó, who by dint of pressure, tackles and a good job from the forwards, came the results with tries of Francisco Pagano and the entered Nicolas Testori, even with one less player, because the fullback Facundo Lanusse he was booked for a high tackle.

Stick to stick. That was the second half. Those of May Village They were not going to surrender and that was how they counterattacked until the pillar reached the Ingoal Thomas Rossi. But there came the difficult one, the game was going to be taken by whoever was in the detail and that was how the visitors trusted their kicker and chose with confidence to go to the sticks three minutes before closing and with a little wind to favor. The word patience reappeared and that is how he got the opportunity to also kick Ignacio Ruzzo on time, but he went through one of the posts.


NEWMAN (21): 1. Pedro Sena, 2.Teófilo Mackinlay (C), 3. Francisco Pagano, 4. Tomás Cáceres, 5. Marcos Garibaldi, 6.Bautista Bonasso, 7. Augusto Sola, 8. Iñaki Irarrázabal, 9. Santiago Pereyra Iraola, 10. Ignacio Ruzzo, 11. Santiago Roca, 12. Máximo Orsi, 13. Justo Socas, 14. Bautista Marolda, 15. Facundo Lanusse.

Entered: Mateo Cávana, Agustín Medinguer, Jaime Pavlosky, Diego López Fresco, Antonio Cocca, Tomás Salvat, Nicolás Testori.

Trainers: Francisco Irarrázabal, Andrés Lanusse, José Luis Longuinotti, Gabino Tapia, Carlos Orsi.

CUBA (22): 1. Tomás Rossi, 2. Lucas Gauna, 3. Tomás Cenceros, 4. Manuel Rocha, 5. Tomás Rotandaro, 6. Francisco Fernández Díaz, 7. Manuel G. Pondal, 8. Alejo De lavena, 9. Simón Allaria, 10. Valentín Mastroizzi (C), 11. Álvaro Aguiar, 12. Salvador Zonca, 13. Joaquín Corleto, 14. Matías Páparo. 15. Simon Conte Grand.

Entered: Bautista García Mansilla and Jerónimo Ulibelarrea.

Trainers: Esteban Gamondés, Felipe De La Vega and Marcos Conte Grand

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 5 ‘try by Joaquín Corleto (C). 28 ‘Try by Ignacio Ruzzo converted by him (N). 34 ‘try by Lucas Gauna converted by Simón Allaria (C).

Partial result: Newman 7-12 CUBA.

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 10, try by Francisco Pagano converted by Ignacio Ruzzo (N). 15, try by Nicolás Testori converted by Ruzzo (N). 20, try by Tomás Rossi converted by Simón Allaria (C). 32, Simón Allaria penalty (C).

Final score: Newman 21-22 CUBA

REFEREE: Gustavo Hernán Núñez.


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