The next 72 hours will be decisive for Moisés Fuentes, who is reported stable

Moi Fuentes General Cuéllar pelea de regreso

The next 72 hours will be decisive for the Mexican boxer Moses Fuentes, who underwent emergency surgery in Cancun and is reported to be delicate, but stable. This, after suffering a heavy knockout Saturday night in their loss to David “General” Cuéllar.

The 36-year-old boxer from the capital receives care at one of the best hospitals in Cancun, the Amerimed Hospital in Plaza las Américas. Meanwhile, his wife, who accompanied the boxer to Cancun, receives all the support of the organizers of the evening that took place at the Oasis Arena.

After being knocked out in the sixth round of the fight with Cuellar, Moses Fuentes He was taken out on a stretcher and taken to the hospital.

On the way he was immobilized Sources, he was oxygenated with a simple mask and the intubation sequence began to connect him to an automatic ventilator. In monitoring his oxygenation and heart rate, the parameters were normal.

Although it was mentioned that the operation of Moi it would be Sunday morning, sources informed LEFT PUNCH that the intervention was at dawn. This, to remove a clot in the brain. His condition was delicate but stable.

“They intervened and are waiting the required 72 hours to see how it evolves. He was operated on urgently ”, confirmed one of the sources. The same source reported that Moses FuentesFormer straw and flyweight world champion was in intensive care but stable.

Promotora provides all the support to Moisés Fuentes and family

For its part, Pepe Gomez, the holder of Cancun Boxing, who organized the evening, said that the hospital asked for three days to see the evolution of Sources and thus have a clearer picture.

“The hospital asked, so as not to rush us, that he be under observation,” he said. Pepe Gomez. “He asked for 72 hours to see his reaction, but everything is under control. They have him well medicated and cared for, but we will wait to have a clearer picture ”.

The promoter said that they will be aware of everything that happens with Moi Fuentes. He added that they will support in everything in their power the boxer’s wife, who is in Cancun.

“Here is his wife, we will put a house for him so that they are calm and comfortable in the center of the city,” he said. Pepe Gomez. “We will be pending and waiting, we will ask his family and see what they need, we are pending.”

Moi’s sad return

After three years of absence, Moses Fuentes He returned to activity on Saturday night with the illusion of heading to better opportunities. Despite showing bravery at all times, he was knocked out with a brutal left of the General Cuéllar.

After falling into the ring, medical assistance immediately arrived and the boxer had to be taken out on a stretcher. De la Oasis Arena was taken to hospital and, after undergoing surgery, his recovery is now awaited.

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