“There are no excuses for not accepting,” Hearn says of JoJo’s fight with Haney

Devin Haney y JoJo Díaz

Eddie hearn believes that Joseph “JoJo” Diaz it would be very bad if he does not accept the fight with Devin Haney, lightweight champion by the CMB, after the fight with Ryan Garcia.

“We offered him the same amount that he was going to win for the fight with Ryan Garcia, there are no excuses for him not to accept it, “he said. Hearn to DAZN during the transmission of Mikey Garcia and Sandor Martin. “The only way they’ll turn it down is because they think they can’t beat Haney“.

The president of Matchroom asked the press to exert greater pressure on Jojoas he believes he has a historic opportunity ahead of him to make a lot of money and win the ultimate belt.

“Let’s make everything clear with the media and fans, nobody wants to fight with Haney, because they do not believe that they will beat him ”, added the Briton. “You have a chance to make a lot of money, to take a belt home, so I don’t get it, put pressure on it. Here we have the best lightweight, Devin against Jojo It’s a great fight, it’s going to look terrible if you don’t accept ”.

Hearn He also announced that they had already sent the formal offer to the team of Diaz.

“We send a formal offer to its promoters already Golden boyWe await the answer ”, he mentioned. “There would be no reason not to do this fight. Devin he would not reject any opponents by December 4. We have an opportunity to make a great fight for the division, we must put these great boys of the lightweight to fight each other ”.

Haney wants JoJo Diaz for December

For its part, Devin Haney He also feels that there should be no going back for both him and Jojo at the time of combat.

“I think it is the fight I have to do, he is the mandatory challenger and he does not have a fight now, we have no opponents and everything is aligned,” he mentioned. “We already sent you an offer, so wait.”

Diaz did not wait long to answer in Twitter and assured that he is ready to fight with Haney in December, and then go by Ryan Garcia.

“I will fight with Haney in December, I promise you, ”he wrote. “Like Ryan he has not been challenged and I will give him his first defeat. I want all the fighters and the best challenges for my career. I wish Ryan García to recover soon, because after Haney I’ll go get him. “

There was also a tense moment during the broadcast, when Devin Haney met with Teofimo Lopez, 135-pound champion by the WBA, WBO and IBF.

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