Gianni Infantino dissociated himself from the resolution of the classic Brazil-Argentina

Gianni Infantino dissociated himself from the resolution of the classic Brazil-Argentina

FIFA President Gianni Infantino visited Argentina on Monday, met with AFA President Claudio Tapia, and dissociated himself from the resolution of the classic Brazil-Argentina, suspended on September 5 in São Paulo due to the irruption of national government health agents on the Corinthians Arena playing field.

“What I have to say is that this is a pending case in the FIFA Disciplinary Committee and that as president I cannot and do not have to intervene. The legal bodies are independent and decide based on the rules,” Infantino excused himself from visit in Buenos Aires.

In a press conference that he offered together with the president of AFA, at the Ezeiza site, the FIFA president acknowledged that what happened in that match was “unacceptable” without giving clues as to whether the classic will be resumed or will be resolved on the desks .

“It is always good to decide in the field but it is not always possible because of the calendars,” he responded to that specific query. “It can not happen that a game is interrupted in that way. In the future we do not want to see images like these because it is something that makes football bad. Let’s see what they decide,” he concluded.

Infantino: “A World Cup in South America would be fantastic”

Infantino, who is on a tour to try to unite criteria around his project to play a World Cup every two years, spoke out in favor of holding “a World Cup in South America” ​​and, in that sense, defended his idea of ​​changing the deadlines. organization every two years, which was the focus of his visit to Argentina.

“A World Cup in South America would be fantastic, it is a very strong place. I have said it for many years, in South America football is lived in an incredible way, the heart of football is here,” said Infantino, sitting next to the head of AFA, Claudio Tapia, in a room on the Ezeiza property.

The highest authority of FIFA understood to approve the celebration of the World Cup every other year “could favor more countries to organize it” and not wait “until 24 years” by virtue of the continental alternation that the current scheme supposes.

In this regard, the president of Afa, Chiqui Tapia stated that: “Every new project must have its analysis. We have had the opportunity to listen to President Infantino’s proposal. We are in this period, that of analysis work.”

“As president of FIFA I appreciate that there is a lot of interest in organizing World Cups after confidence has been lost. It is a sample of the work we are doing and the guarantees that we are going to give to all the candidates so that the decision process is clean “, he affirmed in reference to the corruption case that meant the assignment of Qatar 2022 during the management of his predecessor, the Swiss Joseph Blatter.

In this regard, the AFA president reminded Infantino that “from Conmebol work has begun” for the project to organize the 2030 World Cup, 100 years after the first in Uruguay, with a joint candidacy between that country, Argentina , Paraguay and Chile.

“In Argentina,” Tapia added, “the sports leadership has begun to pay off a debt that has to do with improving the infrastructure of our stadiums,” he said, recalling the works such as Estudiantes de La Plata, River Plate and the Mother of Cities in Santiago del Estero.

Finally, the president of Fifa also referred to a possible tribute match to Diego Maradona: “Everything we can do to honor Diego Armando Maradona will be welcome. He made us fall in love with football, he moved us all. It is something unique and we must acknowledge it. “

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