Gianni Infantino: “It would be great to think of a World Cup in South America”

Gianni Infantino: "It would be great to think of a World Cup in South America"

The president of FIFA, Gianni Infantino, said this Monday from Argentina that “it would be fantastic to organize a World Cup in South America”, within the framework of his tour of several countries in the region in search of support for his plan to organize the next World Cup. football every two years.

“Of course, a South American candidacy would be very strong. In South America football is experienced in an incredible way, the heart of football is here. It would be fantastic to think of a World Cup in South America,” Infantino said at a press conference with the president. of the Argentine Soccer Association (AFA), Claudio Tapia.

The head of FIFA, who landed in Buenos Aires this Sunday afternoon, said that currently “there is a lot of interest in organizing World Cups”, despite the loss of “confidence” in the body in recent years due to various corruption scandals .

“I think this is also a witness to the work we are doing and the guarantee that we are going to give to all the candidates that the candidacy and decision process is clean and correct. I think this is a fundamental aspect,” he said.

For his part, Claudio Tapia recognized his interest in having Argentina organize the 2030 World Cup together with three other South American countries, competing with the candidacy of the United Kingdom and Ireland, since, he asserted, all Argentine soccer leaders “have made improvements” in their stadiums.


Gianni Infantino took advantage of the appearance before the media to defend his proposal to hold a World Cup every two years, which would bring “more high-level competition, more hope and excitement and more possibility for the world to also organize a World Cup.”

“If not, before a World Cup returns to a continent, 24 years pass if we want to make a true rotation, and 24 years is more than a generation of people,” argued the FIFA president, for whom in recent years it is ” he talked too much about clubs “and” the national team is never brought to the table. “

However, Infantino acknowledged that he will try to find a way that is of “the benefit of all”, so it is a proposal open to debate.

“All ideas are welcome, we have already begun to change the proposal that is on the table (…). We have not put on the table a proposal of” yes or no “, but saying that we talk about this and see how we can improve, “said the FIFA president.

In this sense, the president of the AFA did not venture his position regarding holding a World Cup every two years.


Likewise, Infantino assured that his proposal consists of inserting a men’s and women’s soccer World Cup every year, in order to equate both categories.

“There is talk of a World Cup every year because it is a Men’s World Cup and a Women’s World Cup. We have to start putting women’s football on the same level as men’s football,” he said, adding that the final decision will be made before the end of the year to give ” certainty “to the organizers of the World Cups and local leagues.

Regarding the match that Argentina and Italy will play in June next year, as champions of the last editions of the Copa América and the European Championship, Infantino said that it would be a good opportunity to pay tribute to Diego Armando Maradona, who died last November.

“Everything we can do to honor Diego is something we have to do, be it this game or another tournament. We absolutely have to think about doing something to honor him as he deserves, something bigger, special and particular,” concluded the highest representative from FIFA.

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