Lane Johnson Rejoins Eagles After Taking Two Weeks To Address His Mental Health

Lane Johnson Rejoins Eagles After Taking Two Weeks To Address His Mental Health

PHILADELPHIA – The right tackle of the Philadelphia Eagles, Lane Johnson, He rejoins the team after a two-week absence to take care of his mental health.

“We would like to thank everyone for their understanding and support throughout the last two weeks,” he wrote via social media. “I appreciate the positive notes and messages as I have worked to restore my personal life. Depression and anxiety are things that I have dealt with for a long time and kept hidden from my family and friends. If you are reading this and suffering, Please know that you are not alone.

“I am excited to join my teammates and coaches. I am grateful to the entire community of Eagles and I look forward to continuing to play in front of the best fans in the world. “

Johnson, 31, was surprisingly deactivated prior to the Los Angeles’ game. Eagles of October 3 in front of Kansas city chiefs. Your substitute, Jack Driscoll, said he was notified just a couple of hours before the kickoff would be starting.

The team said that Johnson he was dealing with a personal issue.

Johnson he’s been frank about football-related anxiety in the past. One of his best friends, the right guard of the Eagles, Brandon Brooks, has missed multiple games throughout his career due to anxiety-related conditions. Johnson and Brooks They have shared that they often vomit at the same time leading up to matches, and then text jokes about it.

“We are all human. We are not monsters,” he said. Johnson during the postseason of Super bowl of the Eagles in 2017. “I think I heard it at the Combinado: 50 percent of the guys have dealt with anxiety, depression. It’s not something weird. It’s just not talked about. It’s a stigma where it’s seen as a weakness. When you bring it to light, many people in the world suffer from it. “

Johnson missed three games in total, with Driscoll replacing it against the Chiefs before the left tackle Jordan mailata was moved to the right side against the Carolina panthers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. His peers continually sent messages of encouragement to Johnson during his absence, without revealing the offensive lineman’s personal matter.

“Much love for Lane. I’m praying for him, “said the quarterback. Jalen hurts. “It’s in my heart, for sure.”

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