Pochettino did not rule out Icardi, confirmed the loss of Neymar and gave him praise Messi

Pochettino did not rule out Icardi, confirmed the loss of Neymar and gave him praise Messi

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) coach Mauricio Pochettino spoke at a press conference ahead of the UEFA Champions League match with Leipzig.

In addition to handing out praise for Leo Messi, he referred to the absence of Mauro Icardi and the loss of Neymar.

Here are his best phrases:

“The priority is always the health of the players, in this case Ney. It’s a small thing, let’s hope he joins the group as soon as possible.”

“Due to international commitments there are players who have not played and some problems always occur. Little by little we will develop ideas.”

“Mauro, due to personal problems, has not been able to train today. He is on the list, we will see tonight, we will analyze the situation.”

“Why would we think about taking the best player in the world off the court? There is no logic in that thought.”

“We are too mature to be able to understand that we are talking about players of the highest level, that they have communication between them. Anyone has the ability to take action and decisions, I do not think that from the outside you have to put a numerical order.”

“Leipzig is an aggressive team, beyond necessity. But we have to play our game, we are going to have to be compact and handle possession with intelligence.”

“Leo shines with his own light, he is a player who shines in Barcelona, ​​in the National Team and PSG. He is totally appalled, has a high-level intelligence. With the knowledge that experience gives you, he is calmer. He is very happy with being here in Paris and so are we. Hopefully it performs the way he (and everyone) expects).

“The decision of the available players is made by the medical team. If they tell me that a player is not there to train, they do not do it. We support the medical team and we do not have the ability to judge. Neymar trained and in the last part he felt a discomfort in his legs that made it impossible for him to do the tactical part, in the evaluation later it was decided that he will not be in the group. It was not my decision. We do not play with the health of our players. “

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