Ryan Garcia underwent surgery for a hand injury

Ryan García fue operado por lesión en la mano

The boxer Ryan Garcia He announced on his social networks that he entered surgery to undergo surgery on his right hand for an injury and it seems that this 2021 has been a black year for the boxer of the Canelo Team and now he will have to postpone the fight against Joseph Diaz Jr.

It was in an Instagram story, where Ryan published a photo Monday afternoon where he is in the hospital room where his right hand was operated on.

Ryan García published a photo where he is in the hospital where he was operated on his hand.

Ryan Garcia’s complicated year

Ryan Garcia He regretted the year 2021 that he has had, where he has had to cancel fighting. First, due to depression and anxiety problems, and then after hurting his right hand.

“Very unfortunate for me this year, I broke my hand sparring, and I had just sealed the deal for this year. I will not let this stop me from achieving my dreams. It’s a bad chapter but not the end of my book ”, wrote Ryan.

The fight that was already agreed for November 27 before Jojo now it will have to be postponed for at least two months so that the faces can be seen above the ring.

“I want to thank my fans for all the continued support. We are putting my next fight off for a couple of months as a result of a major hand injury that requires immediate surgery. I am having surgery at Cedars-Sinai on Monday. I promise that at the beginning of 2022 I will return better! “, Said the boxer in his social networks

The young fighter was preparing to return to the ring, after his mental problems, which caused him to leave the sport for a few months while the anxiety was treated.

Ryan is left wanting to face Jojo

The American fighter Ryan Garcia He had declared a few days ago that he was ready to return to a professional fight against a great rival.

“I am excited to be back; I’m ready to pick up where I left off I missed the sport of boxing, the ring. I missed the sparring, ”he told ESPN.

In the meantime, Joseph Diaz Jr. He was also excited to face it and had even warned him that he was going to stop him in his tracks.

“I’m going to stop him and end his hype once and for all,” he commented to the television station. “I am going to take the action to you. Everything that I have been through in and out of the ring will be shown that night, “he said.

Ryan Garcia had to be operated

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