Simeone: “Watching Liverpool play gives pleasure”

Simeone: "Watching Liverpool play gives pleasure"

“Nothing”, in English (“nothing” in Spanish), was the response of Diego Simeone, the coach of Atlético de Madrid, about the criticism of his style of play from Jürgen Klopp, the Liverpool manager, a rival to whom he “pleasure” to see him play and with whom he will compete for the leadership of group B of the Champions League in a huge duel at the Wanda Metropolitano.

“May tomorrow be a fantastic day, with an extraordinary stadium that is full of red and white jerseys and that reminds us that that previous game that we won at home at Liverpool (1-0 in the round of 16 of the Champions League of the 2019-20 season) we started to win it before entering the stadium. I think people have to remember it, because it was a very important moment for what the footballers ended up doing on the field, “he said.

The proclamation to the fans arose in the first answer of the technician, asked about the 17 days that he accumulates without competing the Atlético de Madrid, from the 2-0 victory over Barcelona on October 2 to the game this Tuesday, the 19th, against Liverpool, of which he highlighted all his many qualities.

“Above all, at the moment, Chelsea, City and Liverpool are going through a fantastic period of play. Watching any of the three play, at a different pace, with the different characteristics of the three, gives you pleasure “, emphasized the technician, who affected many of the virtues of his adversary.

“You like to watch Liverpool play because he presses high, he plays with very short lines, he has mobility, he is forceful, he has one-on-one duels without fear of playing with a lot of space behind, he has a formidable counterattack, he has very fast players in the spaces … “, he listed during the telematic press conference.

“And I think that the presence and return of Van Dijk gave him the security that last season perhaps with other players he could not have on that defensive line that is always so important, even for Liverpool,” concluded the coach, who did not he imagines “something other than a team full of good footballers, with a clear idea and an intense attack” in the confrontation on Tuesday.

In this rhythm of play, one of the keys to the crash emerges. “It is clear that we must equalize the intensity from the game and then generate the things that we will seek to generate within the game that we meet,” said Simeone, who highlighted Mohamed Salah as “an extraordinary footballer who does great things year after year.”

Atlético has Luis Suárez, reincorporated this Sunday to training with the group after the three games with the Uruguay national team. “For us he is a decisive, fundamental player, very important within our game system,” said the coach, who did not reveal anything about whether or not he will play at the beginning.

He was also questioned about the current schedule, with such a heavy load of matches for footballers. “What I have clear is what we can take care of, solve or help make it better is what will happen from tomorrow in the games that we have to play,” the Argentine coach began his response.

“Afterwards, we do not have any weight in anything (in the determinations about the calendar) to be able to make decisions, give an opinion … It is useless. The people who are within UEFA, Conmebol or where they are the ones who end up managing They will decide everything as they want. They have always done it. Before the playoffs were played in a month, now they are played divided … Something always happens. The only thing we coaches have to do is try to solve what we have to do, which is, when it’s your turn to play, be fine, “he warned.

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