Club Brugge vs. Manchester City – Match Report – October 19, 2021

Club Brugge vs.  Manchester City - Match Report - October 19, 2021

(EFE) .- Manchester City removed the ghosts that came with the defeat against PSG and crushed Bruges in a game that dominated from start to finish and in which Pep Guardiola’s men showed off a total football (1- 5).

The meeting was a Manchester City monologue, a show in which the Bruges footballers acted as extras. With the injury of the Spanish international Ferran Torres, Guardiola put as center forward Phil Foden, who regularly plays in the center of the field.

That on paper, because on the field of play Foden moved up and down like a free player, without a fixed position, and the weight of the attack was distributed among the ten field players. To show two buttons: the first and third goals were scored by two full-backs, Joao Cancelo and Kyle Walker.

The dominance of City was clear from minute one. The referee correctly annulled two goals by the English team at the beginning of the night, the first by Graelish for a previous foul on Clinton Mata and the second, by Rodri, for offside by Laporte.

It seemed that Philippe Clement’s men had the ball burned in their boots every time they recovered it, as their attempts at counterattacks were easily defeated by City.

The first goal fell within half an hour thanks to a play born in Foden’s boots, who dressed as a defensive midfielder to launch a spectacular aerial pass in the direction of Joao Cancelo. The Portuguese left-back broke the defensive line, held the charge of Kamal Sowah and beat Simon Mignolet down.

Bruges wanted to react in the following minutes with more heart than head, because at no time did they intimidate the City goalkeeper, and at the end of the break Stanley Nsoki made an unforced error that was very expensive. The Frenchman went late to a ball that he did not reach, taking Mahrez ahead inside the area. The Algerian forward himself transformed the maximum penalty by deceiving the Belgian goalkeeper with a shot from the left.

De Bruyne nearly scored in added time in the first half with a shot that kissed the crossbar.

The second part repeated the script seen in the first, with City dominating in all aspects of the game. In the 53rd minute, De Bruyne hit Kyle Walker with a scribbler pass and the right-back finished the play with a cross shot that ended up in the back of the net.

Guardiola debuted Cole Palmer in the Champions League, also introduced Sterling and both players fulfilled their role on City’s next occasion. Sterling started down the left, passed the ball to Parler and the 19-year-old scored from the edge of the area.

It wasn’t until 0-4 that City relaxed and Brugge was finally able to show some of the courage they had shown in the first two days of the Champions League. A chopped header by De Ketelaere put Ederson to work, but the keeper was then unable to prevent Vanaken’s goal, which he finished off from a penalty spot all alone.

Guardiola’s men responded to Brugge’s consolation goal with a goal from Mahrez, taking advantage of the fact that the defense was stuck trying to knock him offside. A final punch on the table to make it clear who was the boss of the night at the Jan Breydel stadium in Bruges.

Awaiting tonight’s game between PSG and Leipzig, City is leading the group with six points and Brugge remains third with four.

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