Finally, the Colts see the Carson Wentz they expected

Finally, the Colts see the Carson Wentz they expected

Carson Wentz no longer shows signs of ankle injuries, which is immediately noticeable by the way he gets into his pitches

INDIANAPOLIS – The best quarterback game Carson wentz by air in his career of NFL, ended up being a footer in Week 5 because the Indianapolis Colts blew a 19-point lead in their away loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

In Sunday’s 31-3 win over the Houston Texans, Wentz again took the back seat, because the defense forced three turnovers, including a linebacker interception Darius leonard that put the Colts in the right direction.

But, make no mistake: the Wentz we saw in the past two games is the Wentz the Colts envisioned when they traded him in the winter. The quarterback has 36 completions of 55 attempts for 625 yards, with four touchdowns and zero interceptions in his two most recent games.

And while those numbers are impressive, here are some that still impress more: 42, 51, 52, 76 and 83.

It would be great if those were the correct lottery numbers, but they are actually big play yard totals that have been added up. Colts in the last two weeks.

“This is the guy I met at Philadelphia“, said the head coach Frank Reich about Wentz. “He can be a big plays machine. What has impressed me the most, I know he can make those plays, but I like the way he’s taking care of the ball.

“I like the way he’s dealing with the game, getting us into the right settings. Just being in control out there and trusting his guys to make the big plays, making good decisions, and being precise with the ball, especially on the field. down, which has been outstanding. “

One of the reasons why Colts They led to Wentz to Indianapolis It is because of his strength in the arm. That was lacking last year with Philip Rivers as a quarterback. It is not a criticism of Rivers, because it played a significant role in Colts They finished 11-5 and made the playoffs. Wentz he simply adds an added dimension to the offense with his ability to throw the ball downfield.

The Colts they had 56 plays of at least 20 yards on receptions in 16 games last season.

This season?

They already have 20 plays of at least 20 yards in six games.

Wentz got a key weapon back when wide receiver TY Hilton he finally made his season debut on Sunday, after missing the first five games with a disc injury. The two connected on a 52-yard send where all he had to do Hilton was to be placed under the ovoid, because it was perfectly placed by Wentz. It was like Hilton was playing with again Andrew Luck.

“With Carson, you have to run, “he admitted Hilton. “If you don’t run, you’re not going to hit the ball. Just a couple of plays that we played, and he was able to find me.”

Although Wentz got back to HiltonYou will now be without another fast catcher for an extended period of time. Reich said this monday that Parris campbell suffered a “significant” foot injury, when he was left with a 51-yard touchdown on a pass from Wentz in the first half in front of Texans. Campbell, who has played in 14 of 38 possible games since being selected in the second round of the Draft 2019 of the NFL, could be sidelined for the rest of the campaign.

The “pieces plays”, as the Colts, must remain part of the offensive identity of the team, as they seek to get out of the hole that represents a 2-4 record.

The team – leaving aside Campbell– begins to heal. Reich is holding out hope regarding Hilton for his right quadriceps problem, one that forced him to miss the final seven minutes of Sunday’s game. There is a chance that right tackle Braden smith (foot), and the left guard Quenton nelson (ankle) come back on Sunday against the San Francisco 49ers.

And the most important player in the group who has dealt with injuries –Wentz– no longer shows signs of problems with both ankles. You can tell immediately, by the way he gets into his pitches.

“I am happy with the progress we are making,” he explained. Reich. “We continue to miss a couple of great players in Quenton and Braden. So, we hope, we can have them back, maybe this week, who knows? I hope we are barely scratching the surface. There are going to be ups and downs, sure, but in all three phases, we just have to keep getting better and better. “

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