Messi, Neymar and Mbappé: PSG’s invisible trident

Messi, Neymar and Mbappé: PSG's invisible trident

The most feared trident in Europe, perhaps the most expensive, the one that gathered this summer the Paris Saint-Germain to intimidate all the clubs on the continent, it does not work. Simply, because it practically does not exist after a start of the course in which Messi, Mbappé and Neymar have only coincided on the pitch in 25 percent of the minutes of the thirteen official matches that the Parisian club has played.

The Paris Saint-Germain fan only has had the honor of seeing the three together at some point in four games: against him Rennes and the Olympique Lyon in the League 1 and in front of Club Bruges and Manchester City in the Champions League.

Only against the English team, the trio of attackers played every minute. In the rest of the matches, some were substituted before the end, as was the case with Mbappe before him Club Bruges in ’51, of Messi against Lyon in 76 and Neymar against him Rennes in 77.

In total, Messi, Mbappé and Neymar have coincided on a pitch with the Paris Saint-Germain shirt 293 minutes out of 1,170 possible. A fact that its president, Nasser Al-Khelaifi, surely does not like at all, who, with the arrival of Messi, went on to spend the amount of 89 million euros net per year on the salaries of the three, which translates into an economic amount even thicker in the rough.


But, what have been the reasons why they have not coincided longer on the field of play? Basically international matches and injuries. And, precisely, for the next match, the one that will play against Leipzig on the Champions League, the PSG he will not be able to with the three either because Neymar He returned from his games with Brazil with a small muscle injury that will prevent him from playing. Therefore, the fourteenth duel of the PSG this course, it will be again without his trident in full.

Neymar already failed for a similar cause in a crash of the League 1 before him Clermont, a newly promoted. He was not injured, but his technician, Mauricio Pochettino, gave him rest after playing with Brazil against Chile, Argentina and Peru three qualifying matches for the World Cup. Later, he reappeared before the Bruges Club.

Before, right after preseason, he missed the French Super Cup (Lille) and the first day of Ligue 1 (Troyes) with the club’s permission after playing the final of the America’s Cup with his team. Then, still out of shape after returning from vacation, he did not play another two games (Strasbourg and Brest) because Pochettino considered that he was not yet physically ready.

Along with the last one that has been lost, against Angers because it coincided with the international game he played against Uruguay, Neymar has stopped playing with Paris Saint Germain six of his thirteen games. In total, he accumulates 592 minutes, 50.29 percent of all those that his club has played. With Brazil, he has played 450 minutes, almost the same.


TO Messi something similar happens to him. What Neymar, on July 11 he played the final of the America Cup. Between his vacations, and that he signed his transfer to the Paris Saint-Germain, The Argentine player needed time to acclimatize to his new city and to his new team.

In fact, his signing was not announced until August 10. By then, the Paris Saint-Germain had already played the final of the French Super Cup and the first day of the League 1. For the next two games, against Strasbourg on the 14th and Brest on the 20th, Messi was not ready. Finally, he made his debut against Reims and only played the last 25 minutes after going out on the pitch for Neymar.

As happened to the Brazilian player, against him Clermont He did not play because of his commitments to Argentina. Messi had to rest after facing Venezuela, Brazil and Bolivia and, to top it all, after reappearing in the Champions League, injured a knee and missed two other games (Metz and Montpellier). And, again, against the Angers, What Neymar, did not play because it coincided with an Argentine match.

In total, Messi’s numbers with PSG are even worse. Total 370 minutes, 31.6 percent of the total of the official meetings of the Parisian club this season. His figures, and those of Neymar, contrast with those of Mbappé, the only one of the three who has been available almost one hundred percent for Pochettino’s team.

The French international has played almost everything after accumulating 1,018 minutes out of 1,170 possible, 87 percent of the total. He only missed the French Super Cup match because he had to get ready after the Euro Cup, 22 minutes after being substituted in different games and another 40 due to an injury that prevented him from finishing the match against Club Brugge.

Surely those are the numbers you would want to see in your luxury attacking trio Nasser Al-Khelaïfi. However, the Qatari has had to settle for four times, exactly 293 minutes, which are what Messi, Neymar and Mbappé have coincided on a pitch with the shirt of the Paris Saint-Germain. For now, the trident that has to triumph in Europe is almost invisible.

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