Moisés Fuentes had passed medical examinations with “perfect satisfaction,” says Mauricio Sulaimán

Mauricio Sulaimán Moisés Fuentes

Mauricio Sulaiman, president of the CMB, regretted what happened the previous Saturday with Moses Fuentes, although he made it clear that all the tests carried out by the boxer prior to the contest were satisfactory.

“He is a two-time world champion, an important boxer, who presented all the medical examinations well, with perfect satisfaction,” he said. Mauricio Sulaiman at WBC Coffee Tuesday. “He spoke with his coach, with his coach about the clinic where he was.”

“The medical attention was adequate”

Moi Fuentes was brutally knocked out in six rounds by David cuéllar in Cancun, Quintana Roo. He had to be taken out of the ring on a stretcher and taken to the hospital after the heavy impact. He required surgery to remove a clot in his brain. The holder of the CMB He was present at the Oasis Arena and observed that all the attention given to the former world champion was correct.

“I was present, the medical attention was totally adequate,” he commented. Sulaiman this Tuesday. “There were two ambulances, the paramedics immediately put him on the stretcher. He (Moses) he wanted to get up, he was conscious, like every warrior wanted to get up, the attention was correct ”.

“Boxing a risky sport”

Faced with the wave of criticism and questioning of various boxing actors, be they promoters, commissioners, organizations and even the boxers themselves for what happened, he made it clear that boxing is a difficult sport, with risks.

“It is very easy to analyze later and want to find reasons,” he said. Sulaiman. “Boxing is a risky sport. I am very sad, very saddened, dismayed, waiting and praying to God that he will come out ahead ”.

Added that Moses Fuentes, who was operated on early Sunday morning, is still within the period of the first 72 hours. It is the most critical phase, waiting to see your reaction and that you can move forward.

Mauricio Sulaimán is hopeful that Moisés Fuentes will recover

He also confirmed that they are in contact with the boxer’s family to help them as necessary.

“We are in direct contact with the family, it has been a complicated, difficult time,” he said. Mauricio Sulaiman. “When there is a ring accident it shakes us all, we are praying and doing everything possible to make it heal Moi and give strength to your family for this difficult time ”.

Finally, he said that what happened last weekend will serve to reinforce and prevent accidents, and ruled out that Moi can return to boxing activity. Obviously, for now, the most important thing is that you save your life.

“We must reinforce what we have to do below the ring to prevent and minimize the risk,” he said. “Definitely Moi He will not be able to fight again, God forbid, save his life and physical integrity ”.

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