Paris Saint-Germain vs. RB Leipzig – Match Report – October 19, 2021

Paris Saint-Germain vs.  RB Leipzig - Match Report - October 19, 2021

(EFE) – Paris Saint-Germain once again alleviated the lack of a good game with goals and, as happened against Manchester City, against Leipzig it was Argentine Lionel Messi who sealed the comeback 3-2 at home, which he preserves the leadership of Group A in the hands of the French team and almost condemned the German in the UEFA Champions League.

The former Barcelona player signed a double that almost has to thank Kylian Mbappé, who scored the first, served the second and led to the penalty that closed the comeback before his audience in the French capital.

He stained his performance in the discount, when he sent to the stands a penalty that the referee whistled advised by the VAR and that made remember the one who marched with France in the last European Championship.

Until Messi’s second goal, PSG had little to celebrate, surpassed by an orderly and willful German team that deserved better luck, but still did not add up in Europe, which in the middle of the league condemns him to a miracle.

But he left in the Parc des Princes samples of his game without complexes, well armed, capable of competing against one of the best teams in the world.

While waiting for Mauricio Pochettino to find the formula to agree on the constellation of stars that the Qatari capital has put in his hands, the team clings to the quality of its squad to continue adding results.

Trusted to his stars, in Europe to a Messi who maintains his good star in Europe. If against City he scored his first goal as a Parisian, against Leipzig he signed his first double.

PSG is nitroglycerin and jumps before its audience with an effervescence that causes vertigo in the rival, the context for a Mbappé who loves to add adrenaline to duels.

The game becomes a roller coaster, because the Parisian team concedes behind, but constantly threatens forward. Neymar was not there, who is beginning to worry on the banks of the Seine because he is not contributing to the team. His replacement was a Julian Drexler who did not improve the Brazilian’s defensive balance.

The German team showed the bravery that characterizes it, a cheerful and unapologetic team that did not shrink from the staging of what they call the best squad in Europe.

A cheek that translated into danger and forced Keylor Navas, who returned to the goal after the previous duel against Manchester City, to make two interventions in the first minutes. On the 3rd shot by Laimer and on the 6th by Silva’s header.

Emboldened, the Germans, who had already received a warning from Draxler to pass from Ander Herrera, advanced lines and left the door open to the counterattack, which arrived in the 9th minute, with Leipzig paralyzed claiming a foul and a dizzying combination between Marquinhos, Draxler and Mbappé, who showed his speed, power and accuracy.

It was his first Champions League goal this season and the young French prodigy’s first match appearance, who became a constant threat to the opposing defense.

Leipzig did not collapse. He maintained his game, with high pressure and the ball almost constantly in the French area, subjected to strong pressure and reducing water. In the 25th minute Marquinhos took a ball out from under the sticks and two later André Silva smashed the ball into the wood.

The threat of Mbappé was not enough, while Messi navigated in troubled waters surrounded by rivals. With everything on the defense, the tie seemed a matter of time and came in the 28th by the work of its most dangerous attacker, the Portuguese André Silva, served by the Spanish Angeliño in an interned on the left wing depopulated with defenders.

The equalizer left PSG and the stands knocked out. The initial momentum faded in the face of the ease of the Germans, who only seemed to waver at the start of the second half, when Messi tried to revitalize the team.

It took time to light the Argentine fuse because the Germans continued to expose the shame of the Parisian rear. Once the defense was overcome by a boarding school by Angeliño, Mukiele advanced his team in 57 before the impassive centrals and the drama hovered over the sky of Paris.

Unhappy with his midfield, Pochettino replaced Ander Herrera and Guaye and brought in Danilo Pereira and Wijnaldum to reactivate his team. Fortune allied with the French in 67. An error in the center of the field by Adams allowed Mbappé to sneak into the area and serve Messi, who, in two halves, tied the contest.

The protagonists were repeated in 73, when Simakan knocked down Mbappé in the area and Messi was in charge of transforming the maximum penalty a la Panenka.

Leipzig no longer had the will for more, subjected to fire without concession from the French stars. Mbappé was able to enlarge the wound when the VAR warned Hakimi of a penalty that had gone unnoticed by the referee. But the Frenchman threw it over the crossbar.

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