Platense and Huracán want to get into the quarters of the AFA women’s soccer tournament

Platense and Huracán want to get into the quarters of the AFA women's soccer tournament

The eighth date of the women’s tournament of the highest category of AFA was completed, where Defensores de Belgrano had to be released. With almost everything defined in the fight for the title (remember that there is no relegation in game this season), the eyes were focused on the last available place to access the quarterfinals.

And there they said Hurricane was present, who beat Comunicaciones 2 to 1 and Platense, who in a direct duel, defeated Villa San Carlos 3 to 1, to surpass him in the table and try to discount the two units that the Globo girls take him , on the latest date.

When it remains to dispute a date of the first phase, seven teams have already secured their ticket to the quarterfinals and there is only one place left in Group B. In A, San Lorenzo, Boca, Racing and Gimnasia assured their mathematics while in Zone B, River, UAI Urquiza and Independiente, They got into the quarterfinals and the remaining quota is settled by Platense (13 points), Huracán (11) and Villa San Carlos (10) where Squid has an extra advantage due to their better goal difference.

On the next date, the last, Platense receives Rosario Central, while Huracán visits Excursionistas.

In addition, in the classic of the date, with goals from Débora Molina and Nicole Hain, SanLorenzo beat Boca 2-1 at the Ciudad Deportiva del Bajo Flores, and stayed with the classic and the top of Group B alone.

And it should be remembered that the new YPF Women’s Tournament 2021 will have the 19 teams (each date there will be one free) that played the Apertura Tournament, divided into the same two zones. Interzonal matches will not be played, so there will only be classics from the quarterfinals onwards.

Date 8

Friday, October 15 (Defensores de Belgrano free)

Spanish Sports 1 (Ivana Hernández) – SAT 1 (Zoraida Leguizamón)

Independent 2 (Magalí Molina and Laura Sampedro) – Students 2 (Nicol Simonetti and Victoria Bedini)

Saturday 16th October

River 2 (Mercedes Pereyra and Carolina Birizamberri) – UAI Urquiza 2 (Idanis Mendoza and Catalina Primo)

Rosario Central 4 (Paula Salguero x2, Lara López and Valentina Mana) – Hikers 0

Sunday October 17

San Lorenzo 2 (Débora Molina and Nicole Hain) – Mouth 1 (Eliana Stabile)

Lanus 3 (Antonella Barreto, Milagros Paiva and Fiamma Romero) – The Future 0

Monday October 18

Gymnastics 2 (Milagros Díaz and Milagros Oliver) – Racing 3 (Rocío Bueno x2 and Paloma Fagiano)

Villa San Carlos 1 (Florencia Gaitán) – Platense 3 (Candela Luna, Magalí Natta and Luz Hernández)

Hurricane 2 (Brisa Campos and Bárbara Calvo) – Communications 1 (Daiana Alaniz)

In Zone A Defensores de Belgrano was released on this date and with their triumph in the classic, San Lorenzo leads alone with 21 points. Boca and Racing, escort with 18 units, continues with 12 Gymnastics, until then the four teams that advance to the quarterfinals. Then they are listed: Spanish with 8; Lanús, 7; El Porvenir, 4, Defensores de Belgrano 3 points and closes the SAT with 1 point.

In zone B, River is the only leader with 22 points and UAI Urquiza guard with 20, followed closely by Independiente, with 19 (the three classified to fourth). Further back are listed: Platense, 13; Huracán, 11 and Villa San Carlos, with 10, who will fight for the last place in the quarterfinals. Now without chances, they are followed by Communications, with 7; Rosario Central with 6; Students, 5, and closes Excursionistas, without units.

Johana Barrera, from Independiente, leads the scorers’ table with 8. And on his heels: Rocío Bueno, from Racing; Mercedes Pereyra from River; Andrea Ojeda de Boca and Débora Molina, from San Lorenzo with 7 conquests; Nicole Hain, from San Lorenzo; Carolina Birizamberri, from River and Romina Núñez, from Uai Urquiza, have 6 conquests.

The date data: The television union team, SAT, got its first point in the tournament, after drawing with Deportivo Español. Only hikers remain without adding at least one unit.

Date 1 (Free: SAT)

Saturday August 14

Gymnastics 4 (36 ‘and 82’ Claudia Roldán, 60 ‘Milagros Díaz and 74’ Florencia Sánchez) – Lanús 0. Diego Armando Maradona Unique Stadium

Villa San Carlos 0UAI Urquiza 1 (44 ‘Yohana Masagli). Diego Armando Maradona Unique Stadium

Sporty Spanish 3 (38 ‘Ivana Hernández, 58’ Ayelén Ceballos and 62 ‘Lourdes Loza) – Racing 4 (15 ‘Aldana Narváez, 58’, 69 ‘and 81’ Rocío Bueno). New Spain Stadium

Sunday August 15

Hurricane 3 (5 ‘Brisa Campos, 14’ Silvana Peralta and 29 ‘Florencia Silva) – Rosario Central 0. Tomás Adolfo Ducó Stadium

River 2 (50 ‘Carolina Birizamberri and 82’ Mercedes Pereyra) – Hikers 0. Stadium Monumental Auxiliary.

San Lorenzo 8 (1 ‘and 20’ Débora Molina, 32 ‘and 42’ Macarena Sánchez, 45 ‘Sabina Coronel, 62’ and 71 ‘Nicole Hain, 69’ Maricel Pereyra) – The Future 2. (19 ‘Nicole Ochiuzzi and 68’ Guadalupe Donato). New Gasometer Stadium.

Monday August 16

Platense 3 (24 ‘Milagros Martín, 39’ Candela Luna and 58 ‘Luz Hernández) – Students 1 (31 ‘Karen Giménez). At the Vicente López City Stadium.

Independent 5 (10 ‘, 18’, 63 ‘and 83’ Johana Barrera, 45 ‘María Luz Perlini) – Communications 0. Santo Domingo Complex Stadium, Villa Domínico.

Defenders of Belgrano 1 (67 ‘Da Silva) – Mouth 3 (24 ‘Bianca Reacanati, 42′ Fabiana Vallejos, 48 ​​’, Fanny Rodríguez At Juan Pasquale Stadium

Date 2 (Free: Boca)

The Future 1 (Jennifer Aguirre e / c) – Spanish Sports 2 (double by Laura Romero)

Lanús 1 (Camila Pavez) – SAT 0

Racing 1 (Good Dew) – Defenders of Belgrano 0

Gymnastics 2 (Tabi Roldán and Camila Uzqueda) – San Lorenzo 6 (Juana Bilos against, by Débora Molina, Eliana Medina, double by Nicole Hain and Florencia Coronel)

Hurricane 2 (Luciana Pérez and Luciana Nievas) – River 5 (Mercedes Pereyra, on two occasions, Lourdes Lezcano, Carolina Birizamberri and Agostina Holzheier)

Hikers 1 (Nati Tevez) – Independent 2 (Laura Sampedro, Johana Barrera)

Communications 0Villa San Carlos 2 (Florencia Gaetán, Ana González Codony)

UAI Urquiza 3 (Daiana Falfan x2 and Gramaglia) – Platense 1 (Guillermina Cotellessa)

Rosario Central 0 – Students 0

Date 3 (Free: Racing)

Friday August 27

San Lorenzo 6 (doublets by Macarena Sánchez, Débora Molina and Eli Medina) – Lanús 0

Spanish 4 (Lucía Zarza -2-, Mariana Esquivel and Juana Bilos) – Gymnastics and Fencing of La Plata 2 (Lourdes Loza and Micaela González)

Saturday August 28

SAT 0Mouth 5 (Julieta Cruz, Andrea Ojeda, Carolina Troncoso, Eliana Stábile and Fabiana Vallejos)

Independent 2 (Johana Barrera and Selene Básquez) – Hurricane 0

Sunday August 29

Platense 3 (Milagros Martín, Aimel Sali and Agustina Arias) – Communications 1 (Barbara Olivera)

River 1 (Giuliana González) – Central 0

Monday August 30

Villa San Carlos 2 (Florencia Gaetan and Claudia Sánchez) – Hikers 1 (Natalia Tevez)

Defenders of Belgrano 1 (Débora Texeira) – The Future 1 (Karina Merlo)

Students 0UAI Urquiza 2 (Paulina Gramaglia and Belén Taborda)

Date 4 (Free: El Porvenir)

Friday September 3

San Lorenzo 5 (Macarena Sánchez, Sindy Ramírez, Cintia López, Nicole Hain and Eliana Medina) – Spanish Sports 1 (Laura Romero)

Hurricane 1 (Florencia Silva) – Villa San Carlos 2 (Florence Gaetan and Agustina Doré)

Saturday September 4

Gymnastics of La Plata 2 (Milagros Díaz and Juana Bilos) – Defenders of Belgrano 1 (Amanda Da Silva)

River 5 (Lourdes Lezcano, Victoria Costa, Carolina Birizamberri, Lucía Martelli and Mercedes Pereyra) – Independent 0

Sunday September 5

Communications 2 (Chiara Magni and Daiana Alaniz) – Students 1 (Dolores Fernándes Brescia)

Lanús 2 (Camila Pavez and Brenda Varela) – Mouth 8 (Florencia Quiñones, Andrea Ojeda -4-, Carolina Troncoso and Yamila Rodríguez -2-)

Monday, September 6

Rosario Central 0UAI Urquiza 3 (Milagros Vera, Tamara Penayo, Milagros Rearte)

Hikers 1 (Carolina Torres) – Platense 3 (Camila Leites, Agustina Arias and Morena Avellaneda)

Racing 4 (Natalie Juncos, Florencia Curril, Paloma Fagiano and Lourdes Martínez) – SAT 1 (Loana Bernhard)

Date 5 (Free: Gymnastics)

Friday September 10

Mouth 2 (Yamila Rodríguez double) – Racing 1 (Luana Muñoz)

UAI Urquiza 10 (Tamara Hardie (3), Romina Núñez (2), Paula De La Serna (2), Érika Hernández, Micaela Sandoval and Mariana Gaitán) – Communications 0

Monday September 13

SAT 2 (Zoraida Leguizamón and Sofía Ojeda) – The Future 3 (Karina Merlo, Agustina Ochiuzzi and Guadalupe Miño)

Students 3 (Milagros Cortés, Evangelina Alfano and Karen Giménez) – Hikers 0

Wednesday September 15

Sporty Spanish 3 (Paula Bosch, Lourdes Loza and Laura Romero) – Lanús 1 (Milagros Paiva)

Platense 1 (Agustina Arias) – Hurricane 1 (Florence Silva)

Thursday September 16

Defenders of Belgrano 0San Lorenzo 5 (Naila Imbachi, Sindy Ramírez, Maricel Pereyra, Débora Molina and Camila Lugo)

Friday September 17

Independent 3 (Valentina Barroso, Romina Díaz and Melany Morán) – Rosario Central 1 (Paula Salguero)

Friday September 24

Villa San Carlos 0River 7 (Lourdes Lezcano x2, Sofía Domínguez, Mercedes Pereyra x3 and Victoria Costa)

Date 6 (Free San lorenzo)

Friday October 1st

Spanish Sports 1 (Agustina Fuentes) – Defenders of Belgrano 1 (Analía Baini)

Hikers 1 (Soledad González) – UAI Urquiza 10 (Paulina Gramaglia x2, Erika Hernández x2, Romina Núñez x2, Masagli, Tamara Hardie, Paula De La Serna and Dana Mujica)

River 3 (Lourdes Lezcano, Carolina Birizamberri, Lucía Martelli) – Platense 1 (Magalí Natta)

Saturday 2nd October

Independent 5 (Laura Sampedro (2), Johana Barrera, Maylis Gissi and Gabriela Herrera) – Villa San Carlos 0

The Future 0Mouth 3 (Andrea Ojeda, Yamila Rodríguez and Micaela Cabrera)

Sunday October 3

Lanús 1 (Brenda Varela) – Racing 6 (Luana Muñoz, Rocío Bueno -2-, Dalila Cáceres, Paloma Fagiano and Martina García).

Rosario Central 1 (Virginia Coronel) – Communications 1 (Celeste Garay)

Monday October 4

Hurricane 3 (Silvana Peralta, from a penalty and a double by Brisa Campos) – Students 1 (Victoria Bedini, from criminal,

Gymnastics 1 (Marilyn Esquivel) – SAT 0

Date 7 (Spanish Sports free)

Friday October 8

Villa San Carlos 0Rosario Central 0

Students 0River 3 (Carolina Birizambe (2) and Lucía Martelli)

Saturday October 9

Racing 3 (Rocío Bueno, Martina García and Lina Gómez) – The Future 1 (Agustina Ochiuzzi)

SAT 0San Lorenzo 4 (Nicole Hain, Débora Molina, Eliana Medina and Gisel Vidal)

UAI Urquiza 1 (Romina Núñez) – Hurricane 1 (Rocío Altamirano)

Sunday October 10

Communications 3 (Nicole Álvarez and Daiana Alaniz -2-) – Hikers 0

Mouth 1 (Andrea Ojeda) – Gymnastics 0

Monday October 11

Platense 1 (Luz Hernández) – Independent 2 (Melanie Morán, Johana Barrera)

Defenders of Belgrano 1 (Analía Baini) – Lanús 1 (Fiamma Romero)

In Zone A are: Boca, Defensores de Belgrano, Deportivo Español, El Porvenir, Gimnasia, Lanús, Racing, San Lorenzo and SAT.

Zone B is made up of: Communications, Students, Hikers, Huracán, Independiente, Platense, River, Rosario Central, UAI Urquiza and Villa San Carlos.

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