Atlanta Braves: the team that has overcome it all looking to return to a World Series

Atlanta Braves: the team that has overcome it all looking to return to a World Series

The World Series goes exclusively to all of Central America through ESPN signals

To say that Atlanta Braves has had a difficult road to reach the National League Championship Series, it doesn’t do justice to the kinds of situations the team had to build its postseason pass on. At this time, the assembly is in a head-on collision against Los angeles dodgers in with a one-game advantage (2-1), but with absolutely nothing assured.

The Braves They have been on a complete roller coaster of the campaign. They stayed out of the postseason for most of the regular season. In fact, they entered the month of August with a negative record (52 wins and losses), so in addition to closing strong, they had to have a crash of New York Mets to take over the leadership of the eastern division of the National League.

Not only is it the fact that they faced problems staying competitive in the division, but, within the organization, they had to deal with multiple problems, which is why they were discarded to reach the postseason by many.

Starting with the offseason, they lost one of their most productive hitters, Nick markakis, who announced his retirement. The injuries were present from the beginning of the year to Atlanta. They lost their best pitcher Mike soroka, in the same way they lost their best hitter, Ronald Acuña Jr. Additionally, they lost one of their most productive players in Marcell ozuna after just 48 games, due to being suspended for violating MLB’s domestic violence policy.

The low production of one of its main figures, Freddie freeman, was also one of the issues that made a presence in 2021. The player remained off for a good part of the season, before he started the engines, prior to the Stars game.

To this we can add little consistency of the reliever corps throughout the year and at times, a general blackout of the offensive productivity of the squad, which ended with a batting average of .244 and an OPS of .754.

The leader’s troop Brian snitker They’ve had to climb mountain after mountain in their journey through 2021, yet just like last season, they have a very clear chance to return to the postseason for the first time since 1999.

Remember that you will be able to see all the matches of the World Series in Central America, exclusively by ESPN.

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