Barça: The public still does not return to the Camp Nou in the post Messi era

Barça: The public still does not return to the Camp Nou in the post Messi era

Barcelona has several problems … And among all of them, another perhaps unknown in the past emerges, at least as far as the Champions League is concerned. In a momentous match, with little less than its future at stake in the tournament after the initial two defeats, only 45,968 spectators gathered in the stands of the Camp Nou. The worst entry that is remembered in the competition with no audience restrictions. Nothing less than since 2011.

On Sunday, Real Madrid will visit the stadium in a Classic that always filled the stands and after the last two games against Valencia and Dinamo Kiev, in which the 50 thousand fans in the stands have not been reached, there is concern about the little influx. Those who go to the Camp Nou cheer incessantly … But the image of the stands is as sad as it is worrying.

If both in the first four league games and in the Champions League debut against Bayern Munich, it was found that despite these public restrictions the fans did not respond as expected, once the Catalan government allowed the stadium to be opened in its entirety that disappointment was dramatically even more visible.

On Sunday, on the occasion of Valencia’s visit, according to official data, 47 thousand 317 fans came to the stadium, a disappointing entry considering that it was the first match fully open to the public since March 7, 2020. night time argument … but the disappointment was evident.


And things got worse this Wednesday. Two thousand spectators less than on Sunday despite the fact that the club put tickets for sale with cheap prices, starting at 20 euros, and the obvious need that Barcelona has to receive the support of their own.

Taking into account that 39,737 fans came against Bayern, the Camp Nou’s capacity being limited to 60 percent – and that throughout the 2020-21 season it was played behind closed doors – in the same way as the Champions League match against the Napoli from the previous year, the Barça stadium did not present such a soulless appearance since December 6, 2011. At that time, when on the third day of the group stage of the 2011-12 season, 37,374 fans came to the Camp Nou in the match against BATE Borisov.

The difference between this day and that one is that then Barça reached the last day of the group stage mathematically for the round of 16 as group champion. Nothing was played … And besides, the game was played on a public holiday during a week in which after two days, on December 8, it was also a holiday.

Since then, the 48,336 fans who attended the game against Sporting de Portugal on December 5, 2017, again on the eve of a public holiday and on the last day of the group stage with everything decided and the team classified as first to Round of 16, it had been the poorest inning.

But never, in a third day, second home game, had a Camp Nou been so soulless as this Wednesday.

The departure of Messi, the still absence of tourists, the little credit that the team offers at the moment, the loss of habit after a year and a half watching football on television … Several reasons can be established to explain it, but the reality is that Barça He did not feel so alone at the Camp Nou for more than thirty years.

And that circumstance worries.

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