Benfica vs. Bayern Munich – Match Report – October 20, 2021

Benfica vs.  Bayern Munich - Match Report - October 20, 2021

(EFE) .- Bayern Munich thrashed Benfica (0-4) with four goals in 14 minutes, from 70 to 84, and remains the immaculate leader of Group E with 12 goals scored and none conceded, so they have in their pocket the pass to the quarterfinals, after the first three days in which he added 9 points.

The defeat of Benfica, second with 4 points, gives oxygen to a Barcelona that today defeated Dynamo Kiev (1-0), for which they added their first three points.

The first chance of the match was for Sané in minute 5, who managed to overwhelm Benfica’s forward defense and, after being alone against Vlachodimos, the cross shot went wide.

The Bavarians dominated and the first for Lewandowski was finished off with a header after a cross from the left that Greek international Odysseas Vlachodimos took with reflexes, who defended the goal of Germany in the sub-21 category, since he was born in Stuttgart, a club in the It was formed until it was signed by the Hellenic Panathinaicos.

Benfica continued with the same daring as when they received Barcelona (3-0), with high pressure and with Rafa Silva as the best formula to harm the German defense.

In the 28th minute, Coman left a “delicatessen” on the right wing, after dodging several defenders and concluded the play alone with a good cross shot that goalkeeper Vlachodimos cleared for a corner.

Benfica countered in the 32nd. Against the Uruguayan Darwin Núñez who threw a whip inside the area that forced Neuer to star in one of the best covers of the day.

The game had a lot of rhythm and in the 38th, Sané again threatened Bayern’s 10th, who at speed planted himself on the edge of the area and took a very placed shot that licked the base of the post.

In 39, the first setback for Benfica, who was left without their right winger, André Almeida, replaced by Diogo Gonçalves.

The first VAR intervention, in minute 42, after Coman’s center on the right that Lewandowski finished off inside the small area with his arm at the back of the net. The goal did not go up to the scoreboard.

It was a draw at half-time and in the resumption Bayern came out very plugged with a clear chance in 47, after a shot from Frenchman Benjamin Pavard, who, after the clearance with the Greek goalkeeper’s foot, the ball hit the post.

The Germans managed to surround Benfica and in the 51st minute, a great move by Coman with a “cow’s tail” included within the area to Diogo Gonçalves, who ended up at the back of the net after a rejection that Müller took advantage of, although the goal was canceled by French Coman offside.

And when those from Munich were tightening the most, Diogo Gonçalves’ excellent move on the right, who planted himself in the area and changed foot, put together a shot that forced Neuer to stretch, who cleared the ball with a changed hand.

If the party had left excellent technical gestures on both sides, in 64 Grimaldo left his signature with a pipe.

In 67, new against Benfica, in this case on the right wing and starring the Ukrainian Yaremchuk, who was at speed from Upamecano and achieved a cross shot that went away.

The first goal came in 69 and was made by Leroy Sané from a foul. Throwing from 23 meters with a parable in which the goalkeeper was able to do something else, despite the good shot.

And the blow for the incarnates came in the 79th minute, after a play from the right that Gnabry centered and that the Brazilian Everton, who just entered, cleared head to the back of the net and ended up scoring at his own goal.

Bayern unleashed and two minutes later Lewandowski scored his goal of the night, after pushing a ball that Sané served him into the small area.

The scoring festival continued and with a sudden counter in 84 Bayern scored the final 0-4 after a play on the right by Stanisic, who crossed back so that Sané scored his second of the night.

With this victory, Bayern, who have won their three games, have a foot and a half in the round of 16, while Benfica is second with 4 points, one more than Barcelona.

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