Facundo Isa: “I want to play in Los Pumas against France”

Facundo Isa: "I want to play in Los Pumas against France"

In an interview with Rugby Branch, the Argentine forward Facundo Isa He referred to his present in Toulon, the team’s performances and the present of The Pumas preparing for the november window.

Facundo Isa also spoke about his relationship with Patrice Collazo and his premature return after his injury. A decision made against the medical department.

In what state of mind are you after this loss to Racing 92?
We did a good job all week. After Racing 92 got the necessary points to win the game. We didn’t get a chance to score. We didn’t make a lot of mistakes, but we did make some driving mistakes that cost us dearly. Then we play well.

There was a discussion between the players, is it also this meeting that brought the team together?
Yes, there are many new players. We have changed the squad too much, so we have to get used to the new players. Newcomers should also be aware of the problems that existed between us. There, we tell each other everything. We all put on the table and things were clear. We show this weekend that the group is united.

The president also had strong words. He had also announced that there would be a balance after La Rochelle, do you think?
No, we don’t think about that. We are really focused on ourselves because we wanted to show our game and each player individually wanted to show themselves as well. We wanted to play at home and show the fans that we are there to be one of the best teams.

Regarding your broken finger, six weeks of unavailability was announced, you finally return after three, how is it possible?
Normally, a bone heals in six weeks. After that, it was up to me to make the decision because it was risky. I felt good. I tried everything during the week. On Monday I spoke with the surgeon, he told me not to play. The club doctors said the same thing, that I was risking too much. But then they told me that if I really wanted to and it didn’t hurt, it was my decision. On Tuesday when we did defense training, it went well, I didn’t have any pain.

How do you see the match between France and Argentina at the opening of the November tour?
It’s obviously a great game and I really want to be there. It reminds me of the 2014 game at the Stade de France. It is a good setting to play. We have to understand that we are not far from the World Cup. We must continue working and forming the team that we want to show in 2023.

How do you explain this latest Los Pumas championship?
We have played too much. We started in July against Wales, then against Romania. Really, the effort we made as a team was enormous. We have given a lot. After the trips to Australia or South Africa as well as the small doubts about whether or not we will play for Covid. Play a lot for the players. Regardless, we really worked on our approach, the game plan, and the will to play. Then there were also many new players. We must continue working for the World Cup.

What relationship do you have with Patrice Collazo?
We have a very good relationship. He always helped me with all the little details. The first few years I was with him, I had a big problem with being late. We talked about it and now I feel like a more trained, more professional player. He has a strong character but puts it face to face. It doesn’t hide anything from you and I really appreciate it. Then as a player you have to stay strong. I have been with many coaches like him, and if you are not strong in your head, you can take it the wrong way. You have to understand that he always wants the player to progress.

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