Former world champion Ganigan López returns after two years; trusts that your case is different from Moi Fuentes

Ganigan López

Ganigan lopez He does not live on memories, he knows that retirement is near and that even Friday could be the last fight of his career. However, he is very clear about what he will do after boxing, assures that he has not lost his passion for the sport and wants to taste the honeys of a world title again.

At 39 years old, and 23 months without a fight, the former world light fly champion is looking to return to activity this Friday. He is not afraid of what may happen on his return, after what happened to Moses Fuentes One week before.

“I do not want to victimize anyone or speak ill of anyone,” he says Ganigan in an interview with LEFT PUNCH, who does not know how it was prepared Moses for your return. “I care about myself and what I do or do not do, since I decided to be a professional boxer I have taken care of myself to the maximum, not only when I go to fight, fight or I am not in good condition.”

Moses Fuentes returned to boxing after a three-year absence and was brutally knocked out by an undefeated young man like David “General” Cuéllar. Sources He had to be taken out on a stretcher and underwent emergency surgery hours after the fight to remove a clot in his brain. When talking to Ganigan, the medical condition of Moi is still critical.

Ganigan he knows that there will be comparisons, since he has two years without fighting. His last two results were defeats and he will face a fighter who arrives with a 15-0 record, but ensures that the situation is different.

And the difference, according to Ganigan, is that its absence is mainly due to the pandemic. He was scheduled in the United States and was unable to travel due to restrictions. Emphasizes that, from his last defeats, he was robbed against Muhammad Waseem in Dubai. And before Armando Torres, believes that the referee stopped the fight hastily.

Moses He has given wars, he came from being ugly knocked out against Chocolatito González) ”, Argues Ganigan. “It is not my case, in my career I have rarely been knocked out. I care about how I take care of myself and I feel in good condition. I am ready for Friday and I want to show that we have the qualities to be world champion again. Retirement is around the corner, but I can still look for a world title fight, it is a key fight. If things go well and we are not beaten, I think we aspire to something great ”.

This Friday, October 22, Ganigan lopez will face Jose Andres Soto, at the Blackberry Auditorium in Mexico City. Soto He marches with an undefeated record of 15 wins without a loss and 6 knockouts. For the Colombian, it is the first time he has fought outside of his country.

Ganigan lopez

Ganigan has other projects, if his return does not go well

“We don’t have to live off memories,” said the former light flyweight world champion of the CMB. “You have to have projects. In case of retiring on Friday, even winning or losing, I have other plans, projects, things to do. The world is not ending or the doors are closed, we know how to work and do it well ”.

The Covid 19 pandemic affected millions of people in the world, including boxers. TO Ganigan He dropped two fights in the United States, but he never stopped training. He assures that he does not fight for money, since he has known how to move in other areas: he has his own gym, a farm and experience as a public servant.

“I have my gym in Amecameca,” he says. Ganigan. “It was closed for a while, but we’re not just hopeful in the gym or in a fight, I don’t have the need to fight for money. We have cattle, pigs, a farm, we sell meat and we are dedicated to public administration in the municipalities of Amecameca and Temamatla. Being a public servant has helped me to learn things ”.

Thus, in addition to boxing, he trains young people and shares his experience in the gym; knows how to attend various matters in the municipalities as a public servant. On the farm, he learned from a young age to inseminate piglets, be a midwife, take care of piglets and calves and much more. And despite everything, he does not lose his passion for boxing.

“When you do it with love or passion, what you do is beautiful,” he adds. Ganigan. “Boxing has given me things that maybe my parents couldn’t have given me. We have projects and illusions in life. I have not lost my passion for boxing, for training, going for a run, taking care of myself, I do not lose love for what I do, not only do I take care of myself for three or four weeks and neglected all year long ”.

Aware that he is in the final part of his career, Ganigan lopez he wants to show that he can still claim a world title.

“I want to show that there is still Ganigan for champion ”, he said Marvel lopez. “It is definitely the main point, to win in a resounding way and what better than with this boy who is not a flan, for that we have prepared ourselves, I hope a good fight and so be it, we are already looking forward to Friday.”

Ganigan López gym
Ganigan López in his gym

The short reign of Ganigan López

Ganigan was proclaimed world champion on March 4, 2016 after defeating in Japan Yu kimura, a scepter that he defended four months later with Jonathan Taconing. He lost it on May 20, 2017 with Kenshiro Teraji in Japan. A year later he challenged the same Japanese and was knocked out. Five years have passed since his coronation and he dreams of a new title.

“Unfortunately in two defenses we lost the title,” he recalls Ganigan lopez. “We feel like we were unfairly dispossessed in Japan. But that is behind us, not in oblivion, but it is an experience that we must improve. Now you can open another title opportunity and whatever body it is. I hope to do my job well and that everything works out to go again for the world title ”.

Ganigan López at his coronation in Japan in 2016
Ganigan López at his coronation in Japan in 2016

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