How much money does Eddy Reynoso charge for training Canelo Álvarez?

How much money does Eddy Reynoso charge for training Canelo Álvarez?

Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez He is the best Mexican boxer of the moment and one of the best pound for pound, but there is someone behind the athlete: his trainer. That is why in LEFT PUNCH we solve a question, how much do you charge Eddy reynoso for training?

Eddy Reynoso is a recognized boxing coach, in 2018, he was named the ‘coach of the year’ by the World Boxing Council (WBC) and a year later, the United States Boxing Writers Association, named him coach of the year and Canelo Álvarez as ‘Fighter of the Year’.

How much does Eddy Reynoso charge?

El Canelo arrived at the precinct of the Reynoso At 16 years old, since then he has not separated from Eddy, both have achieved many successes, but at first they suffered.

Photo: Eddy Reynoso (Twitter)

According to information from The EconomistWhen the Reynoso-Álvarez relationship was born, the coach was paid $ 30 a month. The routine began at 7 in the morning and ended at 2 in the afternoon from Monday to Friday.

Canelo’s career was on the rise and the earnings for both of them as well. When they signed a contract with Golden Boy Promotions of Oscar de la hoya, Eddy collected 2% of the boxer’s earnings and in recent years it increased to 7%.

In addition, Álvarez signed an individual contract with his coach, which stipulated a payment of $ 5,000 for training. The amount was paid when a new fight was announced, it was a monthly payment for the months of training. Although later he paid it increased to 7 thousand dollars.

The last company they signed, it is stipulated that Saul Alvarez has 67% of fighting income, while Eddy Reynoso has 37%, which includes training, representation and assistance in the corners of the ring.

Be careful, every time Canelo fights, Eddy has the same amenities and luxuries as the boxer.

What other boxers do you train?

Among the best known boxers who are trained by Eddy Reynoso are: Óscar Valdez, Andy Ruíz, Ryan García, Julio César ‘Rey’ Martínez and the Japanese Hiroto Kyoguchi.

Others that appear on their list are:

  • Oscar “Chololo” Larios
  • José “Tecuala” Argumedo
  • Oswaldo “Gallito” Novoa
  • Rigoberto “Spanish” Álvarez
  • Julio César “Rey” Martínez
  • Luis “Panterita” Nery
  • “Negrito” Silvestre
  • Nobuhiro Ishida
  • Zulina “La Loba” Muñoz
  • Yazmín “Rusita” Rivas
  • Esmeralda Moreno
  • Nancy “Chatita” Franco
  • Janeth “La Cuisilla” Pérez
  • Alondra Garcia


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