“The brain of Moisés Fuentes is still very inflamed, but it no longer bleeds,” reports his promoter

Reporte Médico de Moisés Fuentes

Moses Fuentes He is still in an induced coma after the operation he underwent early Sunday morning to remove a clot in his brain, but he no longer has blood spills, which is an encouraging sign, he revealed. Oswaldo Kuchle, President of Village Promotions.

In a telephone interview with LEFT PUNCH, Kuchle revealed that in his promoter, who represents the fighter, they are aware of the evolution. They added that Moses he is in the best hospital and with the best doctors in Cancun.

For the moment, Moses Fuentes he was put into an induced coma, to allow the inflammation in his brain to subside.

“He is resting, they will wake him up in about two days,” he reported. Kuchle to LEFT PUNCH a few minutes after receiving the last medical report. “(The brain of Moses Fuentes) is still very inflamed, but gradually it goes down (the inflammation). There is a good thing, they told me that the brain no longer has blood spills and is stable as far as possible. He’s fighting hard to get out of this and he’s in God’s hands. “

The boxer underwent surgery in the early hours of last Sunday in Cancun, after receiving a brutal knockout by David ‘General’ Cuellar.

Were there indications to stop the fight against Moisés Fuentes earlier?

As a promoter of Moses, Oswaldo Kuchle regrets what happened. And he relates that minutes before the blow that knocks out Moi, they tried to stop the fight.

“They are things that happen, they are accidents,” he says. Kuchle. “It is a contact sport and you never know when this can happen. It was a fight of a former world champion against a young man. Sometimes an extra hit or an extra round costs. What I know is that the commission doctor, in that round, goes to the corner. He says (to Moses) that they are going to stop the fight, but he somehow manages to convince them to leave him one more round. When he goes out to start the round, he does it with everything, if they see him (in the recording of the fight), he comes out with everything to win the fight because he knows that the fight is going to stop him. “

Kuchle also narrates that in that last round, Moses he was active, throwing punches. He gave no signal to the referee that he should stop the fight.

“It is very difficult because the perception of the doctors and the referee is that when the boxer stops throwing punches is when they stop him,” he says. Kuchle. “He (Moses) was throwing punches and in that round he throws more punches. It is very difficult to perceive when you have to say enough, and once they stop it the public protests. That decision is very difficult to make and take care of, there is no way ”.

The promoter asks the fans to, for the moment, all concentrate on prayers for the health of Moi. Criticism should come later.

“We ask for prayer, we are facing a struggle of the young man with his life,” he asks. Kuchle. “What you want to criticize or point out is welcome at the time, we are not scared, but I repeat, this is not the time.”

The promoter has given full support to Moisés and his family in Cancun

Village Promotions is running with all the medical expenses that have been generated in the Amerimed Hospital of Cancun. They have even given all the comforts to the family so that they can be close to Moses.

“They have all the support, he is in the best hospital in Cancun, the care was immediate,” he explains. Kuchle. “That is very important, you must react quickly with an ambulance, a site and first-rate paramedics, because if you are not ready in the arena, accidents happen right there due to the lack of prevention. Here everything was in order, he went to a hospital and was treated by the neurosurgeon. Everything went very fast and very well. I think that is the least that a promoter can do, we must be prepared and be sure of what is done, with doctors ready 24 hours a day ”.

The promoter has made sure that the family of Moses be close to him in his recovery.

“Brothers, parents and wife are in Cancun,” he explains Kuchle. “We flew them there, we got them a house and a car so they can move to the super market, to the hospital. His whole family is in Cancun. We think it will last about 15 days there, if all goes well. Then comes the recovery and hopefully everything goes well, that it is not damaged. As for that, they are well covered and supported, nothing has been lacking ”.

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