20 pounds apart, a weigh-in was given to crown the first Bridgerweight champion

peso Bridger

The Colombian Oscar Rivas beat the undefeated Canadian by nearly 20 pounds Ryan rozicky, Who they met on the scale and they are ready to make history, because from them will come the first weight champion Bridger of the World Boxing Council.

Rivas recorded weight of 222.2 pounds, while Rozicky he scored 203 pounds, both fit for the stellar bout of the show to be held on Friday at the L’Olympia Theater in Montreal, Canada. The Colombian was a regular fighter in the completions, while the Canadian was in the cruiserweight division.

Slightly taller, the 26-year-old Canadian will come out willing to knock out his opponent and become world monarch. He comes in 13-0 and has all of his opponents knocked out, which speaks to his punching power.

Professional since 2016, Rozicky has made all his fights in Canada, the last on April 23, when he beat Sylvera Louis. Now he is facing the most important battle of his career, which comes after Bryant jennings He refused to be vaccinated against Covid-19 and was unable to enter Canada.

“Kaboom” Rivas, for his part, is a more experienced fighter, which he will try to take advantage of when he faces the Canadian. He has only lost once in his career (27-1, 19 KOs), in July 2019 against Dillian whyte.

That fight, held at the O2 Arena in London, had been his only chance to be proclaimed world champion, this time for the interim heavyweight of the CMB. He hopes that this time he can go out with his arm raised and with the scepter in his possession.

The new Bridger division

The CMB it is the only one of the four major agencies that has this division. Given the difference in weights that occurred in the division of the completes, it was decided to create the division Bridger, which ranges from 200 to 224 pounds. From Rivas and Rozicky the first weight champion will come out Bridger of history.

The name is in honor of the child Bridger walker, who rescued her sister from a dog attack. The six-year-old boy suffered bites to his face and required 90 stitches.

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