49ers confident Jimmy Garoppolo will play Week 7

49ers confident Jimmy Garoppolo will play Week 7

However, San Francisco doesn’t expect replacement Trey Lance to be on the field for another week.

SANTA CLARA – The San Francisco 49ers were optimistic that the starting quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo can return this week after sustaining a right calf injury, but they do not expect the substitute Trey lance be in the field for up to a week.

Coach Kyle shanahan said Garoppolo he would have limited activity in training Wednesday after missing a game due to injury. He added that he is scheduled to play Sunday night against the Indianapolis Colts.

“It will be good for him to go out and be at the top today. I know it is limited because we have to make sure it can do everything, “he said. Shanahan. “We will have a much clearer idea today, but I am quite optimistic about it.”

Throw injured his left knee when he replaced Garoppolo on October 10 before the Arizona cardinals, and did not recover enough during the bye week to return to training on Wednesday.

Garoppolo got hurt early in the game against the Seattle Seahawks on October 3, and left the match at halftime. He missed a game, but took advantage of the break to return without missing more time.

The quarterback said the calf “feels good” now, and that he can push off with his leg supported.

“I didn’t want to push her too hard last week. But I think that, during the bye week, we really made some big progress, “he said. “So I’m very happy with how he is now.”

Recovery of Throw He’s progressing as planned, but he’s not ready to go back to training yet. Shanahan said Throw He was instructed to rest as much as possible, but was expected to make some light pitches Wednesday.

“We hope it can be active this week. It does not seem that it will be like that, “he said. Shanahan. “I could have a chance at the end of the week. I’d be surprised if it’s not ready for next week. “

The 49ers return from the bye week on a three-game losing streak as the defense has struggled to generate steals and the offense has not performed as Shanahan I expected it.

San Francisco has been affected by a runner’s knee injury Raheem mostert that ended his season, and a calf injury that will knock out the tight end George kittle for at least three games. However, there are other problems that are not related to injuries.

“I think we have to be much better at circumstantial football,” he said. Shanahan. “We have to be much better at shooting and catching. I would like us to generate more explosive races. I think we’re carrying the ball in a decent way, but if you don’t have great runs, you’re never going to have those numbers. So it all comes down to execution in some real critical situations. “

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