Ansu Fati rules out feeling pressure to use the 10 in Barcelona and expects the support of his fans in the Classical

Ansu Fati rules out feeling pressure to use the 10 in Barcelona and expects the support of his fans in the Classical

BARCELONA – Barcelona officially presented in society the renewal of Ansu Fati until 2027 as a “success” of management, as advised by President Joan Laporta during the act with the media, an act in which both took the opportunity to proclaim the existing trust with the future, and already present, of the young footballer and, also, to ask for support from the fans in the Clásico on Saturday against Real Madrid.

“From the first day I told Jorge (Mendes) that my option was to stay here at Barça. My wish was to reach an agreement and I am happy even though I was able to have offers from abroad because my illusion is to continue growing and succeeding here” Ansu revealed, summarizing his happiness for his continuity and explaining normally the consideration of having taken number 10.

“They offered it to me and it is a reason to be grateful but I do not have any special pressure for it nor do I think about Messi because I have to continue making my way. If I spoke with him? … Next question …”, he smiled at being asked if he had any conversation with the Argentine star.

“I never suffered from Ansu’s continuity because we knew he wanted to stay and I knew we had to do everything possible to keep him going. Both his family and his manager knew that Barça is the best place to be. We all wanted this to end like this. because our commitment to him is indisputable ”, endorsed Laporta, firm in his consideration that the young player“ will have an excellent future at the club ”.

In this regard, the president affirmed that “we were not in a special hurry to renew it beyond doing what was normal. We did not want anything to hurt and we did not want to put pressure on it. He has been brave with the 10. He said he wanted it if they authorized it. the captains and it seemed like an act of maturity. We want to take all the pressure off him. The 10 suits him very well and the public is in love with him. “

“The dream of the entire board would be to continue incorporating players from the quarry, from La Masia, and for us to have a team full of players from the quarry”, revealed the president, understanding “very important” the policy initiated by his board of directors, reinforcing the role of young people and condemning, in this sense, that Barça “is improving”.

Improving in the face of a Classic in which Laporta made a “call for the culers to come”, convinced that Koeman’s team will do well in a special match. “I trust the team. It is true that we have to improve but we will go out to compete as always. There are no favorites here and we have the factor of playing at home in our favor,” he said.

“I have good feelings for the Clásico. The team has improved, we are recovering injuries and there are players who have improved their contribution. I am optimistic and I am confident that we will win … And if it is with Ansu’s goal even better”, smiled the president , with whom the player agreed in the same way.

“It is always a motivation because Real Madrid is our great rival. You have to be prepared for these great games and I know that the team is going to give everything to win the victory,” added Ansu, who also took the opportunity to claim the support of the fans. “For us fans are everything. Our motivation is to play for them and that the Camp Nou is full is an extra motivation. We like to be supported, ”he agreed.

The little public attendance at the Camp Nou, something that is not wanted or raised in the face of the Classic, was also treated, explaining Laporta that the pandemic “has changed the customs of the people and we must get them to regain the habit of coming to the stadium. I believe that as people are safer and the health authorities send the message that the pandemic is over, we will have the assistance of the past again. “

“You can also see the decline in tourism and the reality of people, families … We need our fans to return to the stadium because the players need it to support them and for the club, too, because the more public comes we will have more income ”, said the president, who heard the warning from the mayor of Sant Joan Despí, questioning the option of expanding the Johan Cruyff stadium and revealed, in this sense, that the club” has other alternatives. “

Among them, as an outstanding fact, Laporta revealed that they would even consider the possibility of traveling to the Montjuic Olympic stadium or, even, not leaving the Camp Nou. “We respect the opinion of the mayor of Sant Joan Despí and we have always had a good relationship with the city council … What we said is that the Johan Cruyff would be an option if it could be expanded to 40 thousand towns, which we would like … But if this could not be, we have other alternatives. There the problem is mobility but in any case we have other alternatives such as Montjuïc or even that we do not have to leave the stadium during the works “, he surprised.

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