Fernando Gago was introduced as Racing coach: “I want a leading team that dominates and is offensive”

Fernando Gago was introduced as Racing coach: "I want a leading team that dominates and is offensive"

Fernando Gago had his official presentation as Racing Club’s technical director and will make his debut on the bench against Rosario Central in Arroyito.

Here are his best phrases:

“It’s been a long time since I stopped being a footballer and I no longer think as a player. That was left behind and today I have the challenge of starting my path as a coach. I am in a great team, with the commitment to compete in all titles. The challenge The greatest thing is to be competitive and always be in the fight for something “.

On how to face the bad moment of Racing: “With work, with time, with a lot of desire and a lot of dedication and try to transmit it to the footballers”.

“I have quite a marked football idea, obviously there are situations in which you have to adapt but there is something to grow with, many young people with potential who can give the team a good identity”

“You learn from mistakes, in my soccer career I went through big clubs and I understand what they are like. I know that they will look at me from another side, I accept it and I understand it … I know that I am going to make mistakes, but I will continue insisting and believing in what I do “.

“I want a leading team that dominates and is offensive.”

“I chatted a lot with the leadership about the project. I believe in working to get results.”

“The most beautiful thing about being a coach is seeing a footballer grow, seeing improvements is the most gratifying.”

Pintita comes to replace Claudio Úbeda, who was the Reserve’s coach and had to take charge of the first team in August of this year., when the leadership decided to terminate the contract to Juan Antonio Pizzi. The idea was that the interim would arrive, at least, until December, but the poor results and the performance of the Academy precipitated his departure.

Fernando Gago started as a coach in Aldosivi, where he had a good start, especially because of his team’s play, but due to the poor results in the League Tournament, he decided to step aside after just 13 dates, with an effectiveness of little more than 30%, in a total of 26 meetings.

Racing won just one of the last 10 games, marching 14th in the League Tournament with 23 points. At the moment, it is last among those who qualify for CONMEBOL Sudamericana 2022 and 9 points of entry to the Copa Libertadores.

The Academy will visit Rosario Central on Saturday from 8:15 p.m.

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