“I will support Plant against Canelo, win, lose or draw,” warns Andre Ward

“Apoyaré a Plant contra Canelo, gane, pierda o empate”, advierte Andre Ward

Andre Ward, who has been advising Caleb Plant, for your fight against Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez, ensures that he will always support Plant.

But I support Caleb, win, lose or draw ”, he said Ward in interview for Fight Hype. “I think he has a great opportunity to go out and surprise the world. You just need to get psyched up and make it happen. “

Furthermore, he made it clear that Plant it has much more power than people think. And think that people are favorite Canelo for all the record he has of victories.

Caleb He’s a guy who has more power than you think, ”he explained. “I think he is physically strong. I think it always seems crazy until you do. It’s easy for fans to choose – the easy choice is Canelo, due to its history and all that it has achieved ”.

Plant’s strategy against Canelo, according to Ward

Andre Ward was characterized in his career by being a defensive fighter, and elusive, something that helped him a lot to get the championships he achieved in light heavy and super middle. Andre Ward noted that Caleb Plant would have to put in his strategy to go out to give good shots to the body to Canelo and not run away.

“I’m not a believer that when you go up against a guy who is powerful, or who is supposed to have punching power, you should avoid him and be perfect for 12 (rounds),” Ward explained. “I do not believe in that. I like to go and shake his cage. In fact, you have to kick the cage. What I mean by this is that sometimes you have to go face that power and stifle it. “

For Andre Ward, that strategy would allow Caleb Plant establish the fight plan that suits you best.

“You have to let him know, whoever, that he can get hurt too,” he says. Ward. “And then that allows you to box and do what you have to do. So it’s a mix of everything. Caleb understand it. He is a fighter with a high IQ. “

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