International Olympic Committee wants to avoid ‘black hand’ in the election of Mexico

International Olympic Committee wants to avoid 'black hand' in the election of Mexico

The IOC suggests that the vote to elect Carlos Padilla’s successor to the Mexican Olympic Committee be by closed and secret ballot

The International Olympic Committee (COI) sent a letter to the Mexican Olympic Committee (COM), to which ESPN Digital had access, suggesting that the vote to elect the successor of Carlos Padilla is a closed and secret vote, to avoid favoritism or any external intervention in the democratic process that will take place on November 11, and in which former diver María José Alcalá has already expressed her intention to compete.

In the letter that was accessed, dated October 15, the IOC asks the Mexican Olympic Committee that the vote be closed and secret, because members of the COM have denounced possible irregular movements in the process to elect the successor of Carlos Padilla.

“We would appreciate it if you would ensure that the next elections of your NOC (National Olympic Committee) will be held by secret ballot and communicate this accordingly and proactively to all members of your NOC before the elections, to avoid unnecessary situations, speculations, problems or disputes (as we understand from recent communications that have been copied from us, that several members of your NOC have already requested the same) ”, says the message signed by Jerome Poivey, Director of Relations with the National Olympic Committees of the COI.

The elections of the Mexican Olympic Committee They are planned for November 11 and the current statute considers that they should be open to vote, now the IOC asks that the exercise be free and secret, to avoid the influence of power groups inside or outside the body. “We wish to confirm the usual position of the IOC, in terms of good governance, that the NOC elections must be carried out, by secret ballot,” says the request from the highest body in Olympic sport.

The current statute of the COM allows the attendees to decide at the beginning of the assembly on November 11 if the election is to be held by open or closed vote. This decision can only be made by members of the COM, whose statutes cannot even be violated by the IOC. In recent years, members of the COM, including its president Carlos Padilla and the Olympic medalist Jesús Mena, began the work to reform the statute of the body and propose election by position and by closed vote. However, this process requires an extraordinary assembly that approves the new regulations and is subsequently endorsed by the IOC. This process can take up to a year, so it is no longer viable for the November election.

María José Alcalá will be a candidate

María José Alcalá, Deputy for the Green Party and president of the Sports Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, sent a letter to members of the Mexican Olympic Committee in the information that she wishes to participate in the next process for the election of the “Executive Committee” and become “the first woman to lead the Olympic Movement in Mexico”.

“I legitimately aspire to be the first woman to lead the Olympic Movement in Mexico, with the commitment to guarantee a collegiate work and continue to respect the autonomy of the Mexican Olympic Committee”, The document reads that María José Alcalá requests to be considered in next month’s elections. The deadline to register candidacies will be next November 1.

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